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Worshipping with the Nelons - Concert Recap

The Nelons - Jason, Amber and Kelly
The Nelons were in concert in Ward, Ark. on Thursday, April 4. I knew I would see the Nelons with the Gaithers on Saturday, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them in concert by themselves. And I'm so glad I decided to see them twice in one week!

Last time I saw the Nelons it was in December, and they were with the LeFevre Quartet. I didn't get to hear them as much since it was a joint concert and the second half was all Christmas music, so I really enjoyed seeing them by themselves and hearing them sing more of the songs from Come on Home live.

The pastor of the church got up at the start of the concert and said that he had come prepared to sing before the Nelons took the stage. He told this story of how he was watching an eagle one day and found it so inspirational that he decided to write a song about it. As the song started, he started imitating an eagle sound for the song...hilarious! He had most of the audience going that it was about to be a big inspirational moment.

That started the concert on a fun note allbeit not a very pretty one! :) The pastor talked before the Nelons came on about how he loved how the Nelons worshiped and sometimes with other groups, you didn't necessarily get that worship feeling, but he knew that tonight with would a night of great music and worship.  The Nelons then took the stage. Here's how the concert went:

Kelly and Jason Clark
  • "Come to the River"
  • "The Difference Is In Me"
  • "Down to River" - They sang this song a cappella, which is where the Nelons really shine. This is one that I was hoping I would hear.
  • "Jesus, What a Wonderful Name"
  • Kelly made the introductions next. She mentioned when introducing Amber that she hadn't been feeling well and had to go to an urgent care clinic that afternoon. By the way, you definitely couldn't tell that she was sick, and we decided that if we could sound like Amber sick on our best day that it would be ok. Anyway, she was able to witness to the doctor who was treating her that afternoon. The doctor had not been to church in years, but told Amber that she would be in church that Sunday! How incredible it is to hear stories that they are not only willing to stand on stage and sing about Jesus but they are willing to tell people they come in contact with about Him.
  • "I Stand Amazed" - I am so glad they sang this song! It's one of my favorite hymns, and I love hearing their version of the song. Jason played guitar as Amber sang. She's probably my favorite person to hear sing this one. It's not often someone can own such a classic hymn. They had the audience join in toward the end and sing with them and just worship with them. Such a great moment!!
  • Jason called for Amber to sing "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus" next, which is another one of my favorite hymns.
  • "I Choose the Lord" - Loved hearing this song live, one of my favorites from Come on Home. Jason does such a great job on this one!
  • "Excuse Me Are You Jesus?" - I've always been a fan of this song, but it's exactly what I needed to hear Thursday night. I had an interesting situation come up on Thursday that this song definitely spoke to me. (This is for another post later.) Jason talked about how the song was a powerful example of how we should live our lives every day, looking for those divine appointments. Another great one from Jason!
  • "More Than Wonderful" - This song is from their Christmas CD, An Evening in December, but it fits well any time of year. Amber nailed the high part at the end! The audience was on its feet at the end!
  • "Going Home With Jesus" - Great song to close the first half!!
  • After intermission they came back and started with "I'll Talk to my Father" that Kelly sang. She said they had a request for this one. The lady who requested it was on the front row, and she went up and hugged Kelly after she finished. Kelly did such a beautiful job on this song. I don't ever remember hearing her sing it live. I'm definitely glad the lady requested it! 
  • "Jesus I Heard You Had a Big House" - I remember hearing Amber sing this the first time I saw the Nelons a number of years ago. I'm sure they used to do it more when Amber was younger, but it good to see them sing it again.
Kelly, Autumn and Amber
  • "We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown" - Since Amber had been featured on the last one, Kelly sang Amber's part on this song. Kelly said later that it was something you would never hear again, haha! Even though it wasn't her usual part, I'm sure people who were unfamiliar with the Nelons would have never known it!
  • "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be" - Autumn joined Kelly and Amber on this song and was featured with just Jason playing the guitar. Autumn has a really pretty voice, and the three of them singing together was great!!
  • "When He Talked About His Home" - Jason talked about his grandfather and how he always had a heavenly perception on life.
  • "O For a Thousand Tongues" - Kelly always shines on this song. Beautiful song to end the night on!
While the pastor might have been pulling our legs on the eagle song, he definitely got one thing right in his opening remarks. The Nelons came not only to sing, but they came to worship. It was such a great service!! If the Nelons are close to your area, be sure to make the drive to see them, you won't regret it! 

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