Monday, August 27, 2012

Worshipful Day at Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City had worship services on park for the Sunday of Southern Gospel Picnic. This morning we had the chance to hear David Ring preach. I'd never heard him before, but it was a great message. God is truly using him to inspire so many people and to change lives.

After the service we went to see the Murray Family. I was able to listen to their first show and see their second show. Once we got to the theater, it was overflowing with people gathered around to see them! I'd become acquainted with the Murray Family through Twitter, but it was really great to meet the entire family!

Some of my highlights from their shows:
  • "He's Alive" - They sang this during both shows. It's such a great song from their most recent project and features the females in the family. It's also their current single. Great uptempo song!
  • "Rise Up and Walk" - I love this song that was their first single from He Gives a Song.
  • Live music - The Murrays are not only great singers, but also great musicians. In an industry that's full of groups singing only with tracks, it's a great to see a group playing and singing and doing both so well!
  • Different combinations - I enjoyed how different combinations of family members sing on different songs. They not only allow each member of their family to be featured, but they have several trios and combos within their family that are showcased.
  • "Lazarus" - Chris, Jason, Connie and Ernie sang this a cappella song. Probably my favorite song to hear live!
After the Murrays, we went to see Karen Peck and New River. Their second show of the day was one of the most worshipful concerts at Silver Dollar City I've ever been to. They went completely away from what they had planned and just went with what the Lord was leading. The group sang "On the Banks of the Promised Land." Karen sang a beautiful a capella rendition of "Amazing Grace" which led into "Four Days Late." Jeff then asked her if she would sing "My God Will Always Be Enough," because he just felt the Lord leading them to sing it. This is one of my absolute favorite Karen Peck and New River songs! I love the message of the song and love to hear Karen sing it! It was such a time of such worship.

I also got to hear them sing "Mighty High" from Joyful Noise. It was a fun one that they got the audience to participate with them! Jeff told a sweet story about his grandmother paying for his piano lessons, going with him every time and praying for him while he practiced. He recognized the grandmothers in the audience and thanked them for all they do. He then sang "I'd Rather Have Jesus," and it was another highlight of the afternoon for me!

Karen Peck and New River ended their shows at Silver Dollar City with "We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown." The entire audience was on its feet clapping along with them!

Tonight the Inspriations were down in Echo Hollow. I don't ever remember seeing them sing live before. It was a great concert to end the day on!

They sang a number of classic songs including, "Is That Footprints That I Hear?," "Jesus Is Coming Soon," "When I Wake Up" and "Have a Little Talk with Jesus." Mike Holcomb really showed off his bass vocals on the latter!

Before intermission they sang "It's in the Savior's Hands," and did several encores of the chorus. This is such a great song, and Martin mentioned that it had become the theme song for the group. They got a standing ovation at the end. To end the first half, they sang "I'm Not Ashamed" and had the entire audience on its feet. 

I was not as familiar with the Inspirations as I am other quartets, but I was really glad I got the chance to see them live on Sunday night!

I'm looking forward to Day Four of Southern Gospel Picnic!

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