Friday, August 31, 2012

Crabby Day at Silver Dollar City

When I first saw the line up for Wednesday at Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic, I had high hopes of seeing a partial Crabb Family reunion with the Bowling Family and Jason Crabb both scheduled. And, I got my wish last night! Definitely the highlight of the day was seeing Jason bring Kelly and Terah on stage to sing several songs with him!

More on that later, but here's a recap of the full day:

This was my first time seeing the Pfeifers live. Definitely the best moment for me was John playing "We Shall Behold Him" on his trumpet. He gave his testimony in the second show, which I had never heard before. Amazing story of how God worked in his life!

Mary Jane sang "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus," which was such a unique arrangement. This is one of my favorite hymns and sometimes you don't want people to mess with the original version of the song. However, this worked really well, and Mary Jane did an incredible job!

Other songs that I really enjoyed were "Good News," "There Is a Healer" and "A New Hallelujah."

Old Paths
I was able to catch a full set of Old Paths on Wednesday. The beginning of their set was the same as what I was able to catch the day before. Jeremy Peace, tenor, sang "O What a Savior" again, and it was just as incredible the second time.

They sang "Echoes From the Burning Bush," and then part way through they picked that Daniel wasn't getting low enough. So Jeremy and Daniel switched places. I caught some video of this I'll have to post later! Jeremy must have an incredible range, because he did really well singing bass!

They also sang "The I of the Storm," which is one of my favorites that they sing!

Bowling Family
I got the chance to see all three sets of the Bowling Family Wednesday afternoon at Red Gold Heritage Hall. They really did a great job of changing it up on all three sets and making them different, only repeated one or two songs that are some of their more requested songs. They've quietly added a drummer since I saw them in June. It only adds to the group to have another live musician on stage.

Here were the highlights for me:

  • "I Still Glory in the Cross" - They closed both their first and second shows with this song. I love hearing them sing this song live, and it works as a great closer. It's such a beautiful song that they sing with such power and conviction behind it. 
  • "Farther Along" - Mike sang this classic hymn. It's on their Feels Like Sunday project. On the first verse, he sang with just John Jeffrey accompanying him on the piano, and it was great!
  • Kelly gave a short testimony about their bus accident in each show, thanking God for sparing their lives. She sang "Miracle" after the testimony during the second set. I love hearing Kelly sing this song.
  • "Thank You Lord" - I love this song! Terah does such an incredible job on this fun song.
  • Their third set had a lot of older songs including: "The Lighthouse," "Don't You Wanna Go," "Please Forgive Me" and "Tears Will Never Stain the Streets of That City." 
Jason Crabb
Jason started with "Lamb, Lion and King" and "Hope for Me Yet." He had the audience on its feet through most of the first two songs. 

He sang "I'd Rather Have Jesus" also during the first half. Love hearing him sing this song. He went straight from this song into "Oh How I Love Jesus" and had the audience sing with him.

He started "Please Forgive Me," and Kelly and Terah walked in behind Jason's product table to the right of the stage. The audience had an immediate reaction. And Jason called them on stage to join him to the audience's delight. They finished singing "Please Forgive Me" together. 

Kelly and Terah started to put their microphones back after the song, but Jason didn't let them off the stage that easily. They sang "I Wouldn't Take Nothing for my Journey Now," which was a song they had done at Echo Hollow years ago during one of the Crabb Family's first live videos.

Jason was trying to come up with a Crabb Family song for them to sing together, and someone from the audience suggested "Don't You Wanna Go." They sang that next, and then ended the first half with "Through the Fire." I never got the chance to see the Crabb Family perform all together, so I loved getting to see these three siblings sing all together!! Definitely those songs were highlights of the night for me!

During the second half, Jason sang "Midnight Cry," and then went into "I'm Going Home With Jesus," which had the audience clapping along. He started "Sometimes I Cry" and immediately people started clapping. This is such a great song that it's no wonder it was Song of the Year at the Dove Awards last year.

"I Sure Miss You" was not a song that I was as familiar with as other songs. He shared about his grandpa before singing the song.

He also sang "I'll Take Jesus," "When He Was on the Cross" and "I've Never Been This Homesick Before." He put on such a great show! He sang longer than other groups had sung, but I definitely didn't mind that at all!

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