Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Never Walk Alone - When Lyrics Speak

After I moved for my job several years ago, I went through a time of just feeling alone. I knew a couple of people in town, but not any close friends. I was church hunting and couldn't find a place to get plugged in. I really had no one my age who I could hang out with. I just felt alone.

Loneliness can sometimes creep in when we least expect it. We can be surrounded by people but still get of sense of feeling lonely. Sometimes, it can just be the feeling that no one understands where you are.  Ever have those moments? I know I do.

Thankfully, God does promise that He will never leave us or forsake us. As His children we are never alone. One song that reminds me of this promise is the Brian Free and Assurance song "Never Walk Alone."

Christ came and suffered a type of loneliness we can't even imagine. So even when we feel alone, not only do we have the promise that God is always with us, but thankfully we don't have to experience loneliness to the degree He did.

"Your spirit never leaves me
Even when I’m hurting
I don’t have to bare that burden on my on.
You carried all the pain
And buried all the shame
When You made that rugged tree Your righteous throne.
Because of You, I’ll never walk alone."

Thankfully in times of loneliness, whether it's actually being alone or just the feeling that no one understands, Christ never leaves us. He suffered and bore the pain so that we would never have to. He understands how we feel, because he faced the same things we do. However, our problems don't compare to what he had to endure while here on earth. But no matter what we face here on earth, we will never walk alone.

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