Thursday, July 26, 2012

God Still Answers Prayer - When Lyrics Speak

The last few weeks have been an amazing reminder of how God answers prayers. I shared the story of my grandfather's recent diagnosis with leukemia here and here. The doctor told us that the next few weeks would be critical. He said the day of the testing he fully expected that this would be the most aggressive type of leukemia, and we could be looking at months. But that's not what we faced.

God has proven so faithful. My grandfather has been feeling well, and responding his medications better than expected. It took a while and a few battles with insurance companies and even delivery men, but he was finally able to start the cancer treatment drug last week. The doctor was amazed this week at how well my grandfather was doing. His oncologist has even gone so far to already reduce his dosage. God is so good!!

So many prayers have been lifted on his behalf in in the last month. Even so many of you have sent messages that you are praying, and you don't know how much I appreciate that! A cancer diagnosis of any kind is never good; it's never what you want to hear. However, it could have been so much worse, and God has proven so faithful. 

I love the song by Karen Peck and New River that simply reminds us that God still answers prayer. 

"The Lord is not too busy that He can't reach down
And mend a broken heart
And my burden is not too heavy
That He can't hear a plea of faith
God still answers prayer

God still answers prayer
In His time He'll work a miracle
He will never fail
Satan has lost the battle
When to the Lord you humbly bow
God still answers prayer."

God is never too busy to hear us when we call on Him. He always hears our pleas. Even though we don't always get the answer we were looking for, He still answers. Leukemia is definitely not what we wanted to hear, but God has answered us in the management of it. We prayed in faith that God would take care of my grandfather, and He has done that. 

God has been faithful and proved that He is the Great Physician through all of this. His doctor cannot believe how well he's doing, but we know that we serve a great God who is more than capable of the miraculous and the unexplainable. The last few weeks have been a testament to that, and I'm so thankful that God still answers prayer.

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  1. I love this song. One quartet I used to sing with did this song, but with a twist...the bass singer took the first verse, and the tenor took the second. I thought it was a cool arrangement!


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