Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Love of God for Me - When Lyrics Speak

I had a journalism teacher in college that would always say show it, don't tell it. He wanted us to demonstrate with our writings why something was the way it was. It wasn't enough to say that it was a bad day or the meeting got out of hand; our words and phrases had to prove that on their own.

It's often that way in life. Actions speak louder than words. Words can sometimes be empty, but when they are carried out by our actions it gives them a greater meaning.

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13

The Bible speaks over and over about the love of God, but the way that we know the love of God is through the death of Christ. His love was shown so that we know he has the greatest love imaginable for us.

I love the song "The Love of God for Me" by the Nelons. The song is such a great reminder about how amazing the love that God has for us is.

"The love of God is greater
Than any place man has been
The love of God is closer
Than the dearest friend
The love of God was demonstrated
On the cross of Calvary
No greater love's been given
Than the love of God for me"

We can never experience a greater love than the love that Christ has for us. It's greater than any form of love we will experience here on earth. It reaches beyond any place that we can go or any mistake that we can make that drives us away from God. His love is greater than it all.

The verses remind us that not only is God's love for us shown in the death of His Son, but also throughout his creation. The lyrics that stand out most to me are found in the second verse:

"Of Your love I'm undeserving
And I don't have the words to say
Forever I am grateful
Of the love that came my way"

I'm so undeserving, but I am forever grateful. I'm so grateful of the way that God not only has told me He loves me in His Word, but of the way that He shows me His love.

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