Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'll Pray for You - When Lyrics Speak

Friday night I was at a friend's place. Several friends had gotten together just to hang out and watch a movie. After the movie, we were all tired and ready to go home, but we kept talking. We talked about several different random things that girls talk about late at night. While there were plenty of silly moments, the conversation took a more serious turn as we talked about different struggles and helping keep each other accountable in our walk with Christ and praying for each other. 

I've had the same best friend since the first grade. We've seen each other through so many different phases of life, the good and the bad. And we've stuck with each other through it all. We were talking not long ago, and mostly by that I mean I was venting and complaining about a situation that she's heard before. When I was done, she sympathized with where I was and then said that she has been praying for me about this. She's my best friend, and of course we pray for each other, but there was something about hearing that she was bringing my name before the throne that gave me a peace and reassurance.

I love the song "I'll Pray for You" by the Whisnants. And God has definitely been giving me small reminders and showing me lately that I have great friends who I know are praying for me. 

"I'll pray for you, you pray for me,
And together we'll touch heaven from our knees,
Anything can happen in His name when we agree,
I'll pray for you, you pray for me"

It's such a great feeling to know that you are being prayed for, no matter how trivial your problem might be in light of eternity, that you have friends who are talking to God on your behalf. I love how the chorus says that ANYTHING can happen in His name.

"What a privilege and an honor to know that God is there,
and to have His full attention, any time and any where,
sometimes when we're talking, conversation turns to you,
as your name and needs are mentioned, God lifts my spirit too"

I realized this week and through this song what a privilege it is to have friends who pray for me and I can pray for them. When we pray for others and bring their needs before God, He can lift our spirits too. So thankful for friends who I can trust to pray for me and who trust me to pray for them.  

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  1. Lauren, I was sending an email of prayer request to our bible study group. I was trying to remember the exact words of the chorus of "I'll pray for you" to finish off the email. I 'googled' it and found this you wrote! Even though it was written several years ago, it was EXACTLY what I needed today! Thank you, Lord, for using Lauren in Your mighty plans!


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