Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bluegrass at Silver Dollar City

This weekend I was in Branson and went to Silver Dollar City for the Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival.

The park had various bluegrass groups performing throughout most of May. I enjoy bluegrass music, but am not very familiar with many groups unless they have strong gospel ties. One of the groups we saw definitely did: Little Roy Lewis and Lizzy Long.

Of course, I knew of the Lewis Family, but had never seen them in person. Little Roy's reputation as a character and entertainer definitely precedes him. I enjoyed getting to see him and all of his comedy in person, but it was really the musical ability of the group that impressed me. Both Roy and Lizzy picked up and played numerous instruments throughout the show, just about with every new song came an instrument change. Lizzy has a great voice, and the pair of them along with their band made for a great afternoon show at Silver Dollar City.

Here's just a small clip from one of their shows that features Lizzy singing "Wildflowers." Since the song featured Lizzy, Little Roy said he wanted to do this "Bill Gaither" style. You can see that he's mimicking his hands like Bill Gaither at the beginning.


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  1. This is cool...

    Nathan Stewart, their mandolin player, left my family group to join Little Roy and Lizzy. They are a talented bunch of musicians.

    Thanks for sharing!


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