Monday, April 9, 2012

The Talleys as a Trio - Concert Review

The Talleys
Friday night the Talleys were in Little Rock. I was looking forward to seeing them as a foursome for the first time! However, Brian was sick this weekend, so it was just Debra, Roger and Lauren back as the Talley Trio. Even though I was a little disappointed not to see them with the new addition of Brian Alvey, Lauren's husband, the concert did not disappoint at all!

As the pastor of the church was introducing the Talleys, he asked how many people there remembered the Talleys in the 1980s. Several raised their hands. He then asked how many remembered Debra and Roger when they were with the Hoppers. Still some raised their hands. Then, he asked how many remembered when Roger tuned the first guitar for the Chuck Wagon Gang. Lauren and Debra thought that was pretty funny, I couldn’t see Roger from where I was, but I can imagine how he felt about it! He told people to put their hands down, because Roger wasn’t quite that old!

The concert started with “Good Things.” The song really showed off their family blend, and was a great way to start off the night! They then went into “The Promise,” which has always been one of my favorite songs by the Talleys. This live performance did not disappoint! The next song featured Roger on “Hands of Grace.” 

Lauren introduced her parents next. She told the pastor that she hoped he didn’t mind, but she wanted to use that Chuck Wagon joke!

 Roger went to the keyboard, and Debra talked about how her mom played piano at church and how she had been since she was 16 years old. This went into the hymn, “Amazing Grace,” that featured Debra. I love their arrangement of this song.

Lauren sings as her mother looks on
Lauren sang “The Broken Ones” next. This is one of my all-time favorite songs. She sang with just her dad accompanying her at the keyboard. At the end, she went right into “Orphans of God.” Lauren talked for a little bit about how much she loved the message of “The Broken Ones” because of the hope that we have in Christ.

“My Hope Is in the Lord” was the next song. Then, they picked up the pace with “Mountain Mover."

Debra told the story of a lady she has been visiting in the nursing home, Mrs. Minnie. Mrs. Minnie is sick and close to passing. She talked about how she could picture the scene as Mrs. Minnie crossed over into glory, which led into the song, “Applause.”

 The last song before intermission was “He’s Alive.” This was probably the song I was looking forward to hearing the most. The message of this song is always relevant, but Easter weekend, it especially is. The audience was on its feet midway through the song. It was the most powerful moment of the concert!

The second half started with “Surely, Goodness and Mercy.” Roger made mentions of several friends who were in the audience, including former Tribute Quartet bass singer, Dennis Duggar. They pulled him up for an impromptu performance of “Sweeter As the Days Go By.”

Lauren gave part of her testimony of how she grew up always hearing the songs and hearing about Christ, but never really knew Him. She had always watched her family sing about the love and grace of Christ, but it was as an 8-year-old girl that she gave her life to Christ. She said it was then that she met the greatest friend she has ever known. She sang “His Life for Mine.” I loved the family blend on the chorus of this song.

They sang “Thou O Lord” after the invitation. Two who were there said they wanted to pray to receive Christ.

They talked about product before what they thought would be the final song of the night. Roger told the deal of a combination of CDs and DVD that normally they offer for $35 but tonight they would cut it to $30. Lauren made a remark about how that was a good deal. Roger turned to her and kidding said that he wasn’t sure why he was excited because he knew she didn’t have $30. She came back at him and said that was true since she worked for him. They kept picking back and forth at each other which made for very funny moments!

Lauren Talley Alvey, Debra Talley, Dennis Duggar
and Roger Talley
 Roger asked if they could do “Testify” as their last song and had everyone stand to their feet. They got Dennis Duggar to come back on stage to join them! Everyone in the audience was on their feet clapping along.

At the end of the song, the pastor came back to the stage and asked if they could sing one more. He requested that Debra sing “Thinking About Home.” This song was such a reminder of what a great alto singer she is!

It was a great night with the Talleys! Everything they said and sang about made it evident that they are a group very ministry-focused. I look forward to seeing them again, hopefully with all four members!

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