Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Thoughts on the Dove Awards

The Dove Awards are Thursday night in Atlanta. However, the show won't be televised until Tuesday, April 24 on the Gospel Music Channel. I definitely plan to watch even though the Southern Gospel categories won't be in the televised portion. Jason Crabb and the Isaacs will be two of the performers that you will see on Tuesday night.

I like to make predictions on awards even though sometimes a lot of times I'm way off! So here are my thoughts on most categories where Southern Gospel artists are nominated, some predictions and some wishes:

I would love to see a Southern Gospel song win Song of the Year for the second year in a row. But honestly, I don't see that happening. There are several strong songs this year. "Blessings" by Laura Story is an incredible song!  I could definitely see it winning here.

For most other overall awards, Southern Gospel often gets overlooked, and unfortunately I can see that happening again this year.

Male Vocalist of the Year: I think Jason Crabb has a shot of winning this and would love to see him take home the award. He led all nominations this year and took home Song of the Year last year, so the Doves seem to like him!

Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year: Even though it's been covered before I could see "Please Forgive Me" winning here. However, I am a big fan of the Crabb Family's new album, and would like to see "If There Ever Was a Time" picking up the win.

Bluegrass Recorded Song: I would love to see the Isaacs walk away with the Dove for "Mama's Teaching Angels How to Sing."

Country Recorded Song: I feel like Jason Crabb is going to win this one with "Why Me." I would love to see Jeff and Sheri Easter win this one for "I Get To." Love that song! Also because I'm also a big fan of Karen Peck and New River, I wouldn't be mad if they walked away with the Dove for "Good Things Are Happening."

Traditional Gospel Recorded Song: I hope that Jason Crabb picks up the win here for "I Saw the Light."

Southern Gospel Album: Would love to see Karen Peck and New River win the Dove for Reach Out! I think Jason Crabb gets the win here for The Song Lives On. I also wouldn't mind a surprise win by the Bowling Family for Miracles & Memories. It would be great to see them win since the project is so special for this group!

Country Album: I'm pulling for either Wilburn & Wilburn or the Martins. I don't even have a good guess as to who will win this one!

What are your thoughts? Who would you like to see walk away with a Dove Award on Thursday? Will you be watching next Tuesday? Would love to hear what you think!

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