Thursday, February 16, 2012

Together Again - Crabb Family

Prior to this release, seven years had passed since the Crabb Family recorded an album together. When it was announced that the five siblings would return to the studio, fans anxiously anticipated this new record. Together Again was released by the Gaither Music Group on Feb. 7, 2012.

I have to say that this is one of the family’s best projects. The years have only helped their voices develop and mature, and singing “together again” they are sounding better than ever.

This album is a great example to me of why the Crabb Family was and is one of the most popular Southern Gospel groups. They don’t fit in a box. On this record, you’re going to find very different songs stylistically. They appeal to a wide variety of audiences, because they have a little something for everyone. But what I love most is that even though the styles of the songs might be different and varied, the message never is.

Breakdown of the songs:

“Back to the Front Porch” – The album starts with the sound of crickets chirping, kids laughing and a down-home-country song complete with sweet tea and climbing trees. This is a great opening song written by Jimmy Yeary, Sonya Isaacs Yeary and Jason Crabb. It's reminiscent for many people speaking to the way they grew up.

“God Has a Plan” – Lyrically, this is one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s a great reminder of the sovereignty of God, we don't always know what He is thinking, but we know that He has a plan. The song features more of the brothers than Kelly and Terah.

“You Can’t Do That Anymore” – I heard Jason sing this song when he was in Little Rock this fall. I knew immediately that this would strike a chord with older audiences. It has a definitely country feel, so much so that I could see mainstream country picking up this song.

“This Is You and Me” – The pace picks up with song to have a more Southern, country rock feel. The song talks about the mercy of God.

“If There Ever Was a Time” – This song, written by Sue Smith and Caleb Collins, is one of the strongest songs on the project. All siblings are featured and really shine as individuals. It’s definitely an easy listening song, not what people would think of as a typical Crabb Family song. The song says “if there ever was a time, I needed you before, Lord I need you now.” The song speaks to God’s children who are crying out to Him in troubled times. I can see how this song is going to speak to and minister to a lot of people.

“Come Home” – This song has a great message that reminds us that no matter where we are or what we have done that we can come running back to God.

“No Problems” – With this track, it’s back to country. This is another song that I could see mainstream country picking up. The first verse features Jason, and the second features Kelly. It’s great song that makes you realize that we tend to make mountains out of molehills many times.

“I Love You This Much” – With this song, the pace is slowed down again. It talks about parents’ love for their children, which ties into God’s love for us. It has a great message, but not one of my favorites on the project.

“Life Meets Grace” – This song has more of a contemporary Christian feel to it. The end of the song pulls in words from a familiar hymn, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” Jason Crabb was one of the writers on the song.

“Say a Prayer” – This has to be one of my favorites! I love how the siblings’ voices blend so well in the chorus. It challenges us to remember to pray for those around us more and not be so selfish when we call out to God.

Personal favorites: “If There Ever Was a Time”, “God Has a Plan,” “No Problems,” and "Say a Prayer"

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