Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NQC Music Awards

The National Quartet Convention has announced a brand new awards presentation called the NQC Music Awards. These awards will be presented on Friday afternoon during the Friday afternoon Showcase Spectaculars in Freedom Hall. NQC is presenting these in partnership with the Southern Gospel Music Guild.

There will be two divisions of awards that will be presented. One will be the Fan Awards determined by fan voting, and the second will be Industry Awarded Categories determined by music professionals that participate as exhibitors during NQC. To vote in the fan awards, you only need to sign up on the NQC e-mail list.

Since the Singing News Fan Awards have moved to Dollywood at least through 2013, I guess this is a new solution. I think opinions are very mixed about the awards being at Dollywood. But with this being the case for two years now, I think people are getting more accustomed to it. 

The Singing News Fan Awards have become extremely predictable. Not that the winners don't deserve the accolades they receive, but I would like to see them spread around more than they are so more people can be honored. Maybe the NQC Music Awards will help do that. 

How do you think this new awards ceremony will go? I'm anxious to see the categories for fan voting and for industry awards. I did make sure I was signed up for the NQC mailing list this morning. If you are interested in signing up as well, go to www.natqc.com.

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