Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Best They've Ever Been?

When it was first announced that Eric Phillips would be returning to the Mark Trammell Quartet, fans were excited to see him back with the group. And industry insiders speculated that this lineup would be as good as it gets.

Clips have started circulating on YouTube of the new lineup of the Mark Trammell Quartet that includes, Mark Trammell, Dustin Sweatman, Pat Barker and Eric Phillips. I have to agree and say that I think they sound better than ever.

Even all four of them have not sung together long, you could never tell it. They already have the blend and the chemistry of a group that's had years of experience. Many times when a new (or even a new, old member as in this case) comes to the group, it takes a while for the blend to get there. This is not the case with them.

I love this clip of them singing "Glory Road." The notes that Eric hits at the end are not only unbelievable, but I also love the excitement that shows in the members' at the end of the song. Pat does a little hop-step, and Mark reaches over to give Eric a small push. They definitely have every reason to be excited, because they are sounding the best they ever have!

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