Wednesday, May 31, 2017

When Lyrics Speak - Anything But Happy

I'm reviving an older series today. This music is all about the message. It's about how the Spirit works through the music to encourage and draw people closer to him. It's about how songs minister to us when we need to most.

Today, I'm just going to focus on just a few lines -

"The windows of Heaven are pouring out blessings,
And here I stand with this tiny cup.
When will I learn that I cannot contain the love of God?"

This is from the song "Anything But Happy" by Jeff and Sheri Easter. I've always been drawn to these lyrics. But it's funny how words and phrases mean different things to you at different times. On the good days, it's easy to see how rich God's blessings are. You might sing along with a smile feeling and knowing how God has blessed you thinking about an answered prayer, time spent with a loved one and little extra money in the bank.

However, on the days that are just a struggle, it can be sung through tear-filled eyes. God doesn't change. His love doesn't change. His blessings remain the same. Even when we don't feel Him, when our prayers feel unanswered, when life is overwhelming, His blessings are still pouring out to us. His love is still uncontainable. His love is unfathomable.

So many times, I find myself standing ready with my small vessel waiting for God to drop this tiny blessing in there, whatever my human mind has been praying for at the moment. Because in my humanness, I dwell on these small, specific blessings and I miss the outpouring that God is giving all around me. I'm missing the chance for Him to move in a way that overflows my cup. He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what I can think or imagine.

The song is rightfully named "Anything But Happy" because when you think about all that God has in store, His blessings, His love, His faithfulness ... how can we be anything but happy?

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