Thursday, May 4, 2017

They Don't Know - The Kingsmen - CD Review

The Kingsmen's new project They Don't Know released a few weeks ago. The group's last CD Battle Cry was one of the best releases of the group to date. This is also the quartet's first release with tenor Joshua Horrell. Let's see how They Don't Know follows up.

The project starts with the title track. It's one of the more progressive songs that the Kingsmen have released. I love the play on words here ... they don't know (what the Lord can do). I also like that they chose that as the album title. The song is definitely one of my favorites on the CD.

"Keep the Lions Hungry" has that country gospel flair, probably also a bit more on the progressive side. Bob Sellers is featured on this one. It's a fun, toe-tapping song that talks about several different lion stories in the Bible with David killing the lion and then Daniel in the lions' den. Then it brings in that "application" verse. I really like this style for the Kingsmen.

New member Joshua Horrell is featured on the ballad "God Calls It Grace." This is the first of three features for Joshua. Love getting to hear a lot from him. This is probably my favorite of the three.

Bob is also featured on "Hear the Word of the Lord." This was another highlight. It's another more country sounding song. He's also highlighted on "Cost of the Cross." I love the challenge of the song - "May I never forget the debt my sin cost and live forever grateful for the cost of the cross."

"The Evidence I Need" is a slower-paced song. I really love Randy on this song. "Don't Underestimate God's Grace" is another great feature for Randy. It starts off with the steel guitar intro and is one of the more traditional songs on the project. Randy not only shows his vocal chops but also has a songwriting credit on the album with "Fade to Black," featuring Joshua. The song is a great ballad that reminds us of the promise of Heaven.

The Kingsmen throw in a traditional quartet song with "I'll Sail Away Yonder" showing off the high notes of Joshua and showing how low Ray Dean can go. It's a song that traditional quartet fans will love!

They Don't Know introduces Kingsmen fans to a new and fresh sound. They set the bar high with Battle Cry but this project is a great followup to that with a more progressive sound that really shows the blend of the group. Fans will NOT be disappointed with They Don't Know. It's one to add to your collection!

Songs to Turn Up - "They Don't Know" and "Hear the Word of the Lord"
Songs to Put On Repeat - "God Calls It Grace" and "Keep the Lions Hungry"
Songs to Give a Second Listen - "The Evidence I Need" and "Fade to Black"

Song List -
1. "They Don't Know"
2. "Keep the Lions Hungry"
3. "God Calls It Grace"
4. "Hear the Word of the Lord"
5. "The Evidence I Need"
6. "I'll Sail Away Yonder"
7. "Cost of the Cross"
8. "Let Go and Hold Fast"
9. "Fade to Black"
10. "Don't Underestimate God's Grace"
11. "Legacy"

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