Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life Is Good - The Hoppers - CD Review

It's hard to believe that it's been four years since the Hoppers have released a CD. In those four years, the family has had some challenges with the health of Connie and Claude, but both are now doing well. The family has also added Karlye into the lineup full-time since the last release. It's just getting better for the Hoppers, and they are proving that "life is good."

Life Is Good was one of the last projects that Lari Goss worked on. After his passing, they brought in Lari's brother Roni to help them finish the album.

"Jesus, The One" was the first single from the project. The song went #1 for the group in August and had already gotten a lot of recognition even before the album release. It's definitely a highlight of the project.

The title track "Life Is Good" will remind you of the simple pleasures in life. Life is good, because God is. The uptempo track can't help but put you in a good mood.

Connie is featured on both "Grace Will Get to You" and "Before the Sun Goes Down." My favorite of the two is the latter. The song is really classic Connie. I hope that this one works its way into live concerts. Claude also steps up with the feature on the Rusty Goodman classic "Until You've Known the Love of God.

Kim shows why she's been the favorite female vocalist for so long on "Walk Two." Not only does she have a powerhouse voice, but she communicates lyrics so well.

"If We Ever Gotta Look" is one of my personal favorites. I think this song struck a chord with a lot of people when the Hoppers sang it at NQC. It's their new radio single, and I can see why. If we could see what Heaven is like, why would we ever want to stay here?

Karlye sings "My Ransom," a beautiful song that really shows what a great talent she has. The arrangement is simple to really let her vocals shine. She has a great future ahead of her!

We get to hear from Dean on "By and By." He and Karlye share the verses on this song. This is another great uptempo song. It's one that I found myself hitting repeat on.

Some things are just worth the wait. Even though it's been four years since their last release, this project is definitely one of my favorites from the beloved family group. It's a must buy CD of 2016.

Song List -
1. "Jesus, The One"
2. "Life Is Good"
3. "Grace Will Get to You"
4. "Walk Two"
5. "Brethren We Have Met to Worship"
6. "If We Ever Gotta Look"
7. "Until You've Known the Love of God"
8. "Song of Moses"
9. "My Ransom"
10. "By and By"
11. "Before the Sun Goes Down"


  1. Thanks Lauren for this report! The Hoppers are one of my favorite groups! Glad Connie and Claude are feeling bet

  2. I'm sure this is a great CD, and I'm very anxious to hear it! The one thing I would say about Karlye is she needs to be herself. Whether she's pushing herself or being pushed to being "another Kim", she has incredible talent herself and I think she'd be even better if left to find her own way instead of stepping right in her mom's footprints.


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