Thursday, November 3, 2016

Family Harmony & Stronger Together - The Nelons - Double CD Review

The Nelons released two projects late this summer, Family Harmony and Stronger Together. The group previously released an EP of some of the songs on Stronger Together, but decided to release 18 songs on these two projects at the same time.

So let's look at each project -

Family Harmony

  • "I Just Can't Make It By Myself" is a great remake of the Cathedrals classic. I like the family group spin on this quartet song. They also pull out another Cathedrals song with "Suppertime" that features Jason.
  • "Imagine Alleluia" is one that I kept hitting repeat on. Jason wrote this song that features Amber. It's a beautiful song that describes the picture of Heaven and the worship that will occur there.
  • Kelly is featured on "Greater Things," a great ballad that I can see doing well on Southern Gospel radio. It's a great reminder that the best is yet to come for us.
  • Autumn has really come into her own. I love her feature "When Grandpa Sang Amazing Grace" to show her more country, bluegrass voice.
  • Jason wrote three of the nine songs on this project, some of the strongest ones on the CD.
  • "Days of Jericho" is stylistically different from most of the other songs but it was another highlight for me. It reminds me of an uptempo song the Martins might record. 
  • "We Shall Behold Him" - WOW! I remember first hearing Amber sing this one on the 2015 Harmony Honors. The recording is just as impressive.

Stronger Together
  • "My Fathers's House" is a great opener to this project. I love all the harmonies; there are some really nice moments with the sisters.
  • I love Kelly's take on "You Can't Make Old Friends" with Karen Peck Gooch making a special appearance. 
  • Autumn has such a pure, bluegrass voice that really brings a great fresh sound to the Nelons as she has taken her spot with her family. I love her feature "Family Chain."
  • "The Awakening" is an incredible song, an incredible performance. This broadway type song is one that I kept repeating, but it's very different from the rest of the album. I like that they included though, it shows off the musicality of the group.
  • "I Think I'll Read It Again" is a great uptempo song that features Autumn. It's a remake of an old Gold City song.
  • Amber is featured on "Then Came the Morning," another great song that shows off her power vocals.
  • "Angels Hover Near You" is a slow and melodic song that feature the great blend of the entire family.
If I had to pick the stronger of the two of the two albums, I would lean toward Family Harmony. Both projects have some incredible songs and really nice moments. Overall though, I had more favorites on Family Harmony

After hearing all the songs they had to pick from, I can certainly see how they ended up with 18 songs and a two project release. I think both projects are among my favorite releases this year!

Family Harmony Song List

1. "I Just Can't Make It By Myself"
2. "Greater Things"
3. "Days of Jericho"
4. "Imagine Alleluia"
5. "Suppertime"
6. "When Grandpa Sang Amazing Grace"
7. "Don't Give Up on Me"
8. "Songs That Answer Questions"
9. "We Shall Behold Him"

Stronger Together Song List
1. "My Father's House"
2. "One Little Word"
3. "Family Chain"
4. "Then Came the Morning"
5. "Gate of Heaven"
6. "You Can't Make Old Friends"
7. "The Awakening"
8. "I Think I'll Read It Again"
9. "Angels Hover Near You"

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  1. I consider any release a rip off that only includes 9 songs on a single cd. I will only buy these cd's if they are discounted. William Boen


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