Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Getting in the Christmas Spirit with Jeff and Sheri Easter

Jeff and Sheri Easter is one of the groups that has made a stop in Arkansas recently. They were the first artist I got to hear break out the Christmas music.

Here are highlights of the night - 
  • "Small Town Someone" - They opened the night with this song. It's a favorite of mine from their latest project. 
  • "Someone's Listening" - Love hearing Morgan sing this song, another great one from Small Town.
  • Live music - It's refreshing to see a group play several different instruments live on stage with Landan Smith on drums, Jeff on keys and harmonica and Jared Easter playing so many instruments I lost count (a few were guitar, steel guitar, mandolin and banjo)! It's great to see them incorporate so many different instruments into their lineup. 
  • "Jesus Loves You" - I love this song. It never fails to minister to me. Sheri always sets this song up so beautifully reading from her devotional book and the inspiration for the song. The idea of the song is simple, something we have heard all our lives, but it's something we all need to hear.
  • The Snake Song - The pastor made a joke early in the night about getting the snakes out later on. Jeff sang the song his uncle Ed wrote about singing at a church one time with snake handling. It always gets great laughs from the audience!
  • "I'll Be Home With Bells On"- They started the second half with this song. Loved getting to hear a few Christmas favorites. 
  • "The Greatest Gift of All" - This was so sweet seeing Jeff and Sheri sing this song to each other. It was the song that Jeff had playing when he gave Sheri her engagement ring.
  • "Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me" - Sheri talked about having an attitude of gratitude. The song thanks God for the simple things that we so many times take for granted. Jeff's dad wrote the song as a new Christian when he didn't have much, but he had an attitude of gratitude for every blessing.
It was a great night of laughs, uplifting music and words of encouragement. If you get the chance to see Jeff and Sheri Easter in your area, don't miss it!

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