Thursday, January 14, 2016

That Day Is Coming - The Collingsworth Family - CD Review

Collingsworth FamilyThe Collingsworth Family has become of the top mixed groups in the industry. This family is well-known for its incredible harmonies. The group released That Day Is Coming late last year. This project has to be the best the family has released to date.

The project features the now adult siblings along with their parents. As the kids have matured, their voices and the blends they all have together are amazing. Fans of the family will find the orchestrated songs that they have come to love from this group!

The writing on this project is amazing. And I have to say that fellow Arkansan Rachel McCutcheon has eight cuts on the project.

The title track features the ensemble really nicely. It's exactly the type of song and style you've come to love from the Collingsworth Family. "Saints Love to Sing About Heaven" is one of the highlights of the project that also features the family blend nicely on the chorus.

"He Will Abide" is definitely a personal favorite. Courtney is featured on this song. Unlike most of the other songs, the track is simple without a lot of orchestration, which is a nice change of pace. Courtney's voice just shines through on the track. The message of this song is timeless and one that we always need to be reminded of. Courtney also does an incredible job on "Gotta Get to Jesus." I love the blend of the all female voices on the chorus. Absolutely beautiful!

Brooklyn is featured on my next favorite from this project. I remember hearing them sing "You're About to Climb" on the NQC webcast. I feel like this is going to be a big song for Brooklyn. The song has a really nice build. Brooklyn does an incredible job on this song! She's also featured on the verses of "Saints Love to Sing About Heaven."

I was so impressed with Olivia on this album. She has really come into her own. She's featured on "I Love Living in Love With Jesus." This mid-tempo song really showcases her voice and is probably her best work to date. She also takes the lead on a recut of the Martins' "Wherever You Are."

"That's What the Bible Says" features Phillip Jr. He does a really nice job on the uptempo songs. I can see this being a great one to see live! He and his wife Sharlenae have a duet with "Redeemer of the Rain," the final cut of the project. This is a beautiful song, and I love the way they sound together!

I can't leave out the matriarch and patriarch of the family. Phil is featured on a recut of the Talley's song "There's Still Power in the Blood." This is a fun uptempo song. Kim has the lead on the ballad "When He Carries Me Away." It's a beautiful reminder of the promise that we have in Heaven.

This is probably the best Collingsworth Family project to date. Each family member alone is great, but magic happens when their voices all come together. You can't beat great family harmonies, and this album is full of them!

Song List -
1. "Awesome, Magnificent"
2. "I Love Living in Love With Jesus"
3. "That Day Is Coming"
4. "He Will Abide"
5. "Ever Faithful"
6. "There's Still Power in the Blood"
7. "Wherever You Are"
8. "You're About to Climb"
9. "What the Bible Says"
10. "Gotta Get to Jesus"
11. "Saints Love to Sing About Heaven"
12. "When He Carries Me Away"
13. "Redeemer of the Rain"

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  1. I love this album so much! My favorites are probably "What the Bible Says", "When He Carries Me Away", "Gotta Get to Jesus", and "There's Still Power In the Blood". But I love them all!


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