Monday, January 25, 2016

Mark Bishop and Forget the Sea - CD Review

Mark Bishop and Forget the Sea made a big splash at the National Quartet Convention this year. Mark Bishop along with his daughters and band have released a new self-titled project Mark Bishop and Forget the Sea.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Mark Bishop’s songwriting. I like that Mark is now involving a new generation of Bishop singers with the addition of his daughters, but also he’s reaching a new audience. I was listening to the CD in my car last week and had a friend riding with me. She’s been drug to come with me to several concerts, but gospel music still isn't something she really listens to. However, she commented how much she really liked this as we were listening in the car.

The project starts with "You Love Me Anyway" which is one of my favorites from the album. This is first single off the project and does a good job setting the tone and musical style of the album.

"Baptize Me in the Rain" is another favorite that is probably the song that stuck out to me the most. Mark gets the feature with one of his daughters joining him on the chorus. This is fun song that really showcases Mark's voice.

Mark's daughter Courtney is featured on "Take to the Sky" and "You Are, You Are." She has a unique folk sounding voice. The girls sing together a bit on "You Are, You Are." They have a great sound together. It's a song that I really feel like can crossover well into other areas of Christian music. This is definitely a highlight of the project!

"I Will Sing" features his daughter Haley. This song has a modern, praise and worship feel to me. Both of his daughters definitely got the musical gene, and look forward to hearing more from them in the future!

"Pick Me Up and Carry Me" and "Sometimes God Whispers" sound more like what listeners are used from Mark Bishop. Both are songs you can't help but clap and tap your toes along with. "Sometimes God Whispers" is probably my favorite of the two. It's a great story song that reminds of how God is always near and we can see Him in little details of life.

"Everything I Give" has a more progressive sound to it. The song is a great reminder that everything we have came from God, we brought nothing into this world, and we should be willing to give it all to Him.

This album is very different stylistically from most other Southern Gospel albums, but don't let that be a reason that you don't give it a listen. Song styles really vary within the album so I'm sure you'll find something you like!

Song List -
1. "You Love Me Anyway"
2. "Baptize Me in the Rain"
3. "Take to the Sky"
4. "The Son Is Shining"
5. "I Will Sing"
6. "Pick Me Up and Carry Me"
7. "You Are, You Are"
8. "Tinderbox"
9. "Sometimes God Whispers"
10. "Everything I Give"
11. "Ordinary Average Autumn."

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