Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First Concert of 2016 - Tribute Quartet Concert Recap

Tribute Quartet
My first concert of 2016 was with Tribute Quartet last week! It's always good to see those guys. I really think they are one of the more underrated quartets in the industry.

I was a little disappointed to hear that tenor Riley Harrison Clark wasn't with them. Riley had gallbladder surgery last week and was recovering at home. You never really know what to expect with a fill-in, but I have to say they had a fantastic fill-in tenor with Anthony Facello formerly with Beyond the Ashes. I got to hear Beyond the Ashes only once live, so it was a treat to hear Anthony sing live again.

They started the night with "Stepping on the Clouds" and then sang "I Could Sing About Heaven," featuring Anthony Davis. The group then sang a newer song "Everybody Needs Jesus." Josh sings the verses on this song and it suits him so well. Then pulled out the Goodman song "I'm Living in Canaan Now." I don't ever remember hearing them sing this live before, but glad they chose to stage it that night! The song got a big response from the audience. 

Gary Casto made the intros and let everyone know where Riley was. After the intros, they sang "I Remember the Day." The audience could not get enough of this song and the group did several encores. Josh then was featured on the piano. Their cruise song "Those Who Know Me Know" was next. This song is fun to see live. 

Gary talked about how they enjoyed the old songs of the church. He talked about how they aren't good because they are old, but a good song will last. The hymns are important because they convict the lost and encourage the saints. 

Then, Gary called Anthony Facello up to sing. He asked him to sing "Oh What a Savior." And, wow, what a moment! He knocked it out of the park!

They ended the first half with "Good News for Jerusalem." This has been such a great song for this quartet and when you see and hear them sing it live, it's evident why.

During the intermission, the pastor talked about both "Living in Canaan Now" and "Oh What a Savior" and wanting to hear them again. He said or just do one of them again, but he bragged on how good those songs were. Well, he and the rest of the crowd got to hear both of them again!

They started the second half with "I'm Been Blessed." It's good to hear them stage this one again. Gary started setting up the next song and called Anthony to set up forgetting there were two this weekend. They just looked at each other and asked "Which Anthony?" It was Anthony Davis. After the death of a close friend and promoter, Anthony was asked to sing "Leaving on My Mind" for his memorial just one day after the death. He was able to learn it quickly just for that occasion, but it's since become one of his signature songs. He even got to sing also in a Rusty Goodman tribute on TBN. He does such an incredible job on this song!

Gary led the congregation in a time of worship with "Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave It There" and the chorus of "Because He Lives." There was just a sweet spirit of worship that night.

After the invitation and altar call, Gary said he just wasn't ready for the night to end. They sang a few more songs including all of "Because He Lives" and "I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me." I love how Gary followed the lead of the Holy Spirit because you could definitely sense His presence in the room that night.

Tribute wasn't the same without having Riley there, but if you have to see the group with a fill-in, this was definitely the right one. Anthony Facello came in and did an incredible job with the guys!

I would definitely say that Tribute was a great group to kick off 2016 concerts for me. Make sure you go see them when they are in your area!

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