Thursday, May 7, 2015

When Lyrics Speak - Praying Women

I told you this week would be all about moms. Here's another song as a tribute to the moms, grandmothers and mother figures in our lives. If you haven't taken the time to listen to the song "Praying Women" by Lindsay Huggins, definitely do! Lindsay and I both share today what this song means to us and how we are thankful for the praying women in our lives.

From Lindsay Huggins - 

"Praying Women", written by Lee Black, Marcia Henry, and Kenna Turner West, is one of those songs that I just knew I had to record. The demo sent to me was just a piano / vocal demo, probably recorded on somebody's iPhone, but the heart of the song rang through loud and clear.

I was immediately gripped because it speaks about the foundation of faith built by a woman's prayers. Specifically, the song speaks of a mother's prayers. For me, that hit home in a big way.

My mother ("Mama") prayed the prayer of salvation with me on the living room couch when I was 13 years old. I still remember sitting there and her listening to what was on my heart and how God was speaking to me. She guided me through some scriptures and then we prayed and I asked Jesus into my heart.

Her prayers for me had started long before that day, and I know they continue even now. I remember her praying as we drove to school in the mornings She'd call out the names of folks we knew that needed a touch from Heaven, and she always prayed for the things my sister and I would be facing at school that day - a math test, an audition, our interaction with our peers. I'm sure I didn't always appreciate just how much that would mean in my life back then...specially during the middle school years! :) But looking back, that sticks out to me.

Now I'm a mother. My husband and I have a 3-year-old son, and now I have the responsibility of being a praying mother. I kneel by Tanner's little bed at night and help guide him through thanking God for family, friends, and the blessings of the day. I look forward to the day that he will make the decision to invite Jesus into his heart. What a joy it would be for me to pray that prayer with him like Mama prayed with me.

I realize not every Christian woman had the same upbringing. But we all have an influence on those around us - our neighbors, friends, sisters, maybe the young people in your church. I was ministering at a women's event recently where two ladies shared about their experience of leading their own mothers to Christ later in life. How wonderful! It's never too late to start laying the foundation of faith for those around us. What better way to be remembered than for somewhere to know that you prayed for them? "God hears the prayers of praying women."

From Lauren - 

I remember driving in my car when I first heard the song “Praying Women.” I thought I might have to pull over because it was a struggle to see through the tears. I immediately thought of my grandmothers. My grandmothers have both had significant influence in my spiritual life. Both are incredible prayer warriors.

Both grandmothers served in their churches playing the piano and always being willing to step in and teach a class. I had the privilege to grow up in the same church as one of them. She taught me many Wednesday nights and VBS classes instilling the Word of God in me. She took me with her to ladies’ Bible studies when I was just barely old enough to understand.

However, when I heard this song a conversation I immediately thought of a conversation I had with my other grandmother. I was with her after getting some disappointing news and was upset. She looked at me and told me that she had been praying. She said she was praying not that things would work out like I wanted but how God wanted for my life. She’ll never know how much that moment meant to me. She loved me enough to know that God’s best was ultimately always for my best even if I didn’t see it at the time. I knew that through her prayers God would see me through.

I know first-hand the power of praying women. I’m thankful for the ones God has placed in my life - my grandmothers, my mom and many other women who have prayed for me. There’s no doubt I am who I am today because of praying women.

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