Monday, May 25, 2015

Southern Gospel and Patriotism

Today is a day set aside to honor those who lost their lives serving in the military. The freedom that we enjoy today would not be possible if not for men and women who were willing to put their lives on the line. I've seen firsthand sacrifices that have been made by military members and their families. It's a humbling thought of how many men and women have dedicated their lives to serving our country so we can live in the land of the free and home of the brave. I'm so grateful for the sacrifices that have been made for the freedom we all enjoy.

However, I'm even more grateful for the sacrifice made so I could have eternal freedom. I think sometimes we can place more emphasis on the freedom we have in America and our patriotism than the freedom we have through Christ. To me, it's even more noticeable at Southern Gospel concerts. How often does standing during a patriotic song occur? Almost always. But all night the artist has been singing about the love, death and resurrection of Christ and the promise of Heaven. How often does standing occur for those songs? Logically, which type of song deserves more of our reverence? It just seems a little backwards to me.

We say so many times that this world is not our home. And as much I love America, I'm so thankful that's the case. But is that reflected in the way we show reverence to our country? I've heard artists countless times speak about the importance of choosing songs that align with scripture and how everything they sing is Bible based. But what about "God Bless America" or the "Star Spangled Banner?"

I'm not saying that anything is wrong with the honor we show America or singing songs praising God for our country and freedom. I actually enjoy patriotic songs, and they have a time and place. And there's definitely nothing wrong with setting aside time to honor our veterans, their families and especially the men and women who died in service. However, I'm just curious does our patriotism sometimes go too far that we show that more respect than things of Christ?

We have a Savior who willingly died so that we might have freedom from sin and live with Him in paradise for all eternity. That deserves our upmost gratitude and extreme reverence. Nothing should take away from that. I'm not saying that I'm going to stop standing for the national anthem or stand during the full gospel concert while they sing about Jesus, but just think about it next time. Think about the difference in the two songs and the reverence we give them.

Today is about remembering those who died while in military service. Let's honor them and their families as we are extremely grateful. But today and every day let us never forget the One who willingly laid down His life for us.


  1. We give all the glory to Christ who laid down his life for us. It's through his spirit and his love that we are led to express the love of Christ in us. i also don't want to forget the ministers who honor God and keep the word alive. Thank you and your family for your faithfulness and devotion to your ministry. May God bless you 100 fold of how you bless everyone else. The anointing is all over your ministry! You are amazing - you honor God in everything you do. Love your songs and your messages - you're the best! Finally, we do honor the veteran's (and their spirit) who also laid down their lives for us. I thank God for his spirit that he has given us. I thank God for you and your family.

  2. I was at an 80th anniversary concert for the blackwood brothers and they had a local group singing first. During tier set they sang a great patriotic song in which everyone stood, clapped and raised hands. I leaned to the friend next to me said "hope the crowd reacts this way to the next song about Jesus." Fortunately it was the song "Truth is Marching On" and the crowd reacted even greater than the American song.
    I say this because, as a younger person, I've many times before been turned off by patriotic song at SoGo concerts for that very reason of more praise.


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