Thursday, May 28, 2015

Unashamed - When Lyrics Speak

This year my church as a whole is reading through the New Testament. We're in Acts now, and while I know I've read the passages before, new things pop out to me each time. This time the boldness of early Christians has really stuck out to me. They were faced with impossible circumstances knowing the opposition they dealt with, but they were unashamed of the gospel. They didn't back down.

A few weeks ago when I saw Brian Free & Assurance in concert, this was one song that really spoke to me that night. I started a new job late last year. While I love where I am and what I am doing now, I'm in a position where not a lot of people share my beliefs. It's been interesting and challenging all at the same time. The song has taken on a whole new meaning.

It's easy to go along living the Christian life when everyone shares the same opinions and standards. It's a lot harder when you're in the minority to really speak up and say what you think. I'm by nature a people pleaser too, so I don't like the thought of someone being mad at me or directly going against someone. However, God's been teaching me that the most important thing is to please Him and to worry less about pleasing other people. I realize that I face no serious persecution where I am yet I'm not always as bold as I should be.

I pray that the lyrics of this song will really take root in me with where I am now in life and in my job and where ever life leads in the future. May I be willing to take a stand for Christ. I love the line that talks about all I say and do will glorify His name. When you really stop to think about that line, it's an incredible challenge, but one that should be at the heart of every believer.

This song is a challenge to believers. While some believers have more challenges than others and face more opposition, we still have the same mission: to live a life bold and full of faith proclaiming the name of Jesus. No matter what it may cost me, I pray that I'll live a life unashamed of the gospel.

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