Monday, November 3, 2014

You Don't Cry Out Loud - Lily Isaacs Autobiography

Lily Isaacs released her autobiography earlier this year. Her story has always been an interesting one. They announce on stage almost every night that Lily is a Jewish girl from the Bronx New York who became the matriarch to a bluegrass, gospel singing family that now lives in Tennessee.

Her parents were Holocaust survivors, and they story alone is fascinating. "Would anyone have believed this kind of future was possible if they had been my mother standing in a line of Jews walking toward a gas chamber just before her friend puller her aside? Would anyone have thought a future was possible if they would have been there to watch my father bleeding on the ground in the concentration camp, the guard poised to strike again?" Lily asks these questions toward the end of her book.

The book covers her parents surviving the Holocaust and Lily's childhood and coming to America. She talks about her parents' relationship and her relationship with them, how she struggled to fit in and find her place as an immigrant Jewish girl.

Lily chronicles her love of music and how she started singing with friend Maria and actually had a deal on Columbia Records as Lily and Maria. It was when she was singing with her that she met Joe Isaacs. Lily shares about their dating and relationship and how they fell in love.

It wasn't until after they were married that Lily found her faith. Joe's brother, Delmer, died suddenly and at his funeral, Lily found Jesus, and her life was forever changed.

Lily also shares about her health struggles with scoliosis and then breast cancer. She opens up about her fears and the challenges she faced.

This book was a great read. Lily really opened up her life and shared with readers the chapters of her life, the best of times and the most difficult times. I appreciated how honest she was in her writing and the details she was willing to share. I strongly encourage you to check this book out. It's available on the Isaacs website or major online retailers.

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