Thursday, November 13, 2014

Seeking the Old Paths - Concert Review

Last weekend ended my streak of no concerts thankfully! The entire month of October I wasn't able to
attend a single concert which is extremely unusual. But Old Paths were only about 20 minutes from me last Saturday night so I got the chance to see them for the second time in full concert this year!

They started the night off with "Ever Since That Wonderful Day" and then sang "I'm Saved," which featured Doug. That's probably one of my favorites that they sing! Then, bass singer Daniel sang "God's Gonna Do the Same" from their latest release These Truths. He has such an incredible talent to only be in his early 20s.

The Old Paths - Josh Townsend, Jeremy Peace, Tim Rackley,
Doug Roark and Daniel Ashmore
They sang one of their number 1 songs next, "God's Great." Tim sings this song. I know they sing the same songs night after night, but I couldn't help but think of all Tim and his family has been through in the past few months. It takes incredible faith to step out on stage night after night and sing about the greatness of God when you and your family are facing difficult circumstances. It's a great song, but when you think about the message and the emotions that go behind it, it makes it stand out even more!!

Jeremy then sang the classic "Oh What a Savior." I know a lot of tenors sing this song, but he's probably one of my favorites to hear! He had the crowd on its feet! Piano player Josh Townsend who just turned 17 was then featured on "I Saw the Light." His ability to play reflects anything but that of a 17 year old! What a great addition to the quartet!

Doug talked about where the name "Old Paths" came from. He joked that not but one of the group was old, pointing out that he was in fact the oldest member of the group. The name actually came from Jeremiah 6:16 that says to stand in the ways and ask for the "old paths."

He introduced the group and then sang "Closer to my God" and "Love Them to Jesus." The latter is another favorite of mine! Great message and reminder to all Christians! Doug then gave his testimony of how he turned his life around from being a drug dealer to a gospel singer and preacher. He was thankful for the man who "loved him to Jesus" and who cared enough about him to invite him to church where his life was forever changed. If you haven't heard his full testimony before, attend an Old Paths concert as soon as you can! It's a powerful testimony of how God can turn your life around!

They ended the first half with "Long Live the King." Love this song!! Great choice to end the half on!

They sang just a few more in the second half including "Battle Stand" (another number 1 for the group), "I Know a Man Who Can" and "He's All I Need" for the invitation. Just before the invitation, Doug said there's a big difference in knowing Him and knowing about Him. He knew about Him for a long time before he actually knew Him. Along with that, there's a big difference in knowing and believing. Believing takes action. If you really believe in Jesus, you'll do something about it!

They ended the night with "I've Passed Over" which had the audience on its feet clapping along! It was a great night with the Old Paths!!

At the end of the concert, they gave an update on Tim's daughter Brianna. She is 16 and went into kidney failure at the end of July due to a kidney disease Nephronophthisis. Doug asked people to pray for her and her healing. Tim is actually hoping to be a donor for his daughter. Keep Brianna and the family in your prayers. If you are interested in helping with their medical expenses, go to Their medical expenses over Brianna's lifetime are going to be overwhelming, so even if you can't help, pray that God will provide for this family!

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