Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TaRanda Greene - Stronger - CD Review

TaRanda Greene is one of the most powerful vocalists in Christian music today. She is also incredibly versatile. While fans may have fallen in love with her singing Southern Gospel, her latest solo project proves, she can sing any style and sing it well! Her project
Stronger really showcases all TaRanda can do from a typical country ballad to an upbeat Christian R&B soulful song.

Stronger speaks to where TaRanda is in her life and ministry now. Her life and ministry has completely changed in the past little over four years with the death of her husband Tony and her stepping out as a soloist. Most of the songs on this project are not new, but really fit her and the theme of the project. She has proven that she is stronger and her voice is better than ever!

The title track is one of my favorites on the project. It has a great message that no matter what we face, we are stronger than we think we are. God never promises an easy life, but in Him we can overcome impossible situations.

"This Is Where Amazing Happens" has to be a highlight for me. This style for me is where TaRanda is most comfortable and really in her wheelhouse. She's backed up by a choir. Again, the song keeps up the message from the previous song "Stronger" that when you think you're at the end of your rope, with God this is where "amazing" can happen.

"Deepest Praise" keeps with that same message. It starts out with the simple arrangement and just piano accompaniment. It builds a little toward the end but really doesn't build so much that her voice isn't at the forefront. It showcases her voice and the vulnerability of the lyrics. To me, this seems to be really her testimony of where she's been.

"Shackles" is a song made popular by Mary, Mary. I love TaRanda's take on this song. It's a fun song that you will want to turn up! "A Little More Jesus" is another fun one that

Switching gears, I also love that she pulled out a Willie Nelson song "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain." I believe I read or heard somewhere that this song was in tribute to Tony. It's a sweet song with an incredible heart behind it.

"If I Could" is another excellent choice. It's easy to see that this one is for her girls. It's an incredibly tender ballad with such heart behind it.

"All That I Need" is another song where she's backed up a choir. I think this is one that really shows the power of her voice. It's another highlight for me!

I definitely contend that 2014 has been a year for soloists. Add TaRanda's album to the must buy list of the year! With the versatility of the song selection, everyone can appreciate just what an incredible instrument her voice is and there will be something for everyone! The project released yesterday, so pick up a copy today!

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