Thursday, March 13, 2014

Somebody's Believing - When Lyrics Speak

There are certain prayers I pray each time with expectancy. When I'm traveling and pray for safety I don't envision having major issues or trouble. I expect God to answer. I flew to Florida for vacation last weekend. Each time the wheels of the plane lifted I said a prayer asking God to get me to my destination safely. And He did. And I expected Him to. I prayed believing that He would answer. But how many times do I pray without expectancy without really believing that He will answer?

It made me think about the song "Somebody's Believing" by the Bowling Family. This song was written with Mike in mind. When he was diagnosed with vocal polyps last year and thought that singing might not be an option, someone prayed and believed and He was healed.

The first verse talks about the hard times we have all had to endure. Each one of us can relate to valleys that God has brought us through. And I'm sure in every case there has been someone praying for us, whether we knew it or not. The second verse thanks those who had been faithful in prayer, approaching the throne of God on our behalf. Those who didn't just pray but believed and expected the miracle.

How many times when I pray do I dare to take God at His Word? When I fly in man-made aircraft flown by a mere human, I willing to accept that God will get me some safely from one place to another. But why do I find it difficult to trust that an Almighty God can reach down and give someone the touch they need? We serve a God who with Him nothing is impossible.

The challenge is truly believing. Take God at His Word. Expect the miracle. In Christ, all things are possible. Dare to take God at His Word. Trust in the power of The Lord. 

Thank God there have been people in my life with stronger faith who have prayed and believed in miracles for me. By faith, they saw what could be. I'm thankful for those faithful who prayed for me. I pray now that I can know be one of those for someone else. I pray that my faith will strengthen, and I will pray expecting and believing that God will move. 

The challenge for me lately has been not to settle for a simple prayer life. I need to pray the "big prayers" daring to take God at His Word. May I be the somebody who is praying and believing in that miracle. 

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