Monday, March 24, 2014

All Is Well - Whisnants Concert Review

The Whisnants - Jeff and Susan Whisnant and Aaron Hise
It's not often that I get to see the Whisnants, so it's a special treat when I do. Normally it's just once a year at Silver Dollar City; in fact, I think this was my first time to see them in a full concert by themselves setting at a church.

They sang in Ward, Ark. on Friday night. If I could have hand picked a list of Whisnants' songs I wanted to hear, they chose them all. The night was full of Whisnants classics and favorites. It was an incredible night of worship and lifting up the name of Jesus.

The night started off with "We Are So Blessed." Then, they picked up the pace with "Gloryland Way."  Jeff was featured "We'll Meet Again" from their latest project That's Why We're Here. Great song and singing  by Jeff! Loved hearing it live!

Jeff thanked everyone for coming and said that they were there to lift up the name of Jesus and draw men unto Him. He introduced the group.

Then, Susan sang "I'll Pray for You." I've always loved this song. She set the song up by saying that she called her mom during a difficult time and her mom told her not to pray. She didn't understand, and then her mom explained that if she was going to worry, she shouldn't pray. But if she was going to pray, she shouldn't worry.

Then, Aaron was featured on "Be Not Afraid." He did a great job, and I loved the power in his voice he built up to at the end of the second verse at "without a doubt another doctor's in the room."

Jeff, Austin and Ethan Whisnant
Austin and Ethan got a chance to get the microphone and each sing a song. They have both really grown as singers since I heard them last! Austin sang a song that was written especially for him, "I'll Make Heaven Home." Ethan sang a Christmas song, but no one minded in the least, "This is a Strange Way to Save the World." Then they sang with Jeff on "On the Road to Emmaus," definitely a highlight for me!

Then, Susan started singing a cappella "God Is So Good." The audience joined in and then she transitioned into "Oh How I Love Jesus."

Susan then talked about how we are all broken, but how thankful we all are that God specializes in fixing the broken. Then she sang "I'll Trust the Potter's Hand," another personal favorite.

Before intermission, they sang "He's Living Today" with most of the audience on their feet at the end. Jeff reiterated that that was something we could all count on that we serve a Risen Savior. The finished the first half then with "I'm Trusting the Blood" and "New Day Dawning," always a crowd favorite.

During the offering, the church pianist played "How Great Thou Art." The congregation started singing along. After the ushers finished the offering, he stopped. Susan asked him to keep playing, he did, and the audience finished singing. It was a sweet moment!

The Whisnants started the second half with "He Can Move That Stone." Susan said that the music minister at the church requested that she sing "A Greater Yes." And I'm sure glad he did! I know I say this a lot, but that is seriously one of my all-time favorite gospel songs! Loved hearing Susan sing it live!

They then sang the "Ready Medley." Susan jokingly said that she needed some air after that song, and a lady in the audience offered her her oxygen tank!

Susan's grandfather passed away on Tuesday of last week. They had the funeral on Friday. Susan said that her dad told her to go ahead and do what God called her to do, and the Lord would take care of the rest. I'm so glad that she decided to go ahead and come Friday night. It shows how strong the calling is and how passionate she is about what she does. Thanks Susan and all the Whisnants for the sacrifice you made in coming!

She went on to talk about losing Jeff's dad in a car accident right before Christmas. When he was diagnosed with cancer and given only a short time to live, it was her reaction to want to fix it. But God fixed it another way instead. She said it was during that time that they were given the sweetest peace beyond all understanding and able to say "all is well." Then she sang the song. I love this song, and it was one of the most powerful moments of the night. You could tell she felt every word of what she was singing about. Beautiful job by Susan and beautiful moment!!

Jeff led in a time of invitation, and they closed the concert with "I Believe He's Coming Back."

It was such a special night of worship! Don't miss seeing the Whisnants if they are in your area, and in the meantime, I'm hoping they make more frequent trips to Arkansas!


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