Thursday, March 20, 2014

Drive - Doug Anderson - CD Review

Doug Anderson has the first solo album release of the year with his Drive. This is Doug's second solo release. He won a Dove Award for his first release.

I really love the whole concept of the album from the art to the campaign they did to drive to the store to purchase the project. The project starts with its title cut, "Drive." It's a great song to start things off. The country-flavored song is one that I could see even going to some country stations. We just need to "hold on tight and let God drive."

"Yes, I Will" is a great soulful tune, and definitely one of the highlights for me. He really lets his voice soar toward the end of the song!

"Love With Open Arms" is a great uptempo song. I love the line that says it's a "love that felt as if I'd never fallen from His grace." Songs about how amazing the love of God is never get old! "God Works" is another uptempo song that has a somewhat Contemporary Christian feel to it.

"Love Covered My Sin" is another highlight of the project for me. The message of the song is incredible and exactly what you would expect in Southern Gospel.

Doug's country flavor shines through on the project. One of my favorites cuts on the album is "The Seeker." As a Dolly Parton fan myself, I really liked his version of the song, and it's great to pull one of her songs with some gospel flavor to cut.

I like the song "Sundays Are Made for These." Signature Sound fans will recognize the song from the group's Dream On project.

"How Bout You" is a little bit darker song than the rest of the project. It brings an interesting element to the project that I liked. It shows a different side of Doug's voice.

It's always great for artists in groups to put out their own projects. I love hearing their own styles and voices that can sometimes get lost or overlooked in a group. After hearing this project, it's easy to see why Doug has won so many accolades. It's one to add to your collection!

Song List -
1. "Drive"
2. "Yes I Will"
3. "Love With Open Arms"
4. "Moment by Moment Grace"
5. "I Need You More"
6. "God Works"
7. "Love Covered My Sin"
8. "The Seeker"
9. "I'll Be There With You"
10. "Sundays Are Made for These"
11. "How 'Bout You"

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  1. Great CD! I encourage everyone to buy it. It's definitely going to be nominated (and hopefully WIN) a Dove Award.


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