Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Got a Hold of God This Morning - When Lyrics Speak

I'm not a morning person. I've never claimed that I actually enjoy getting up early. I do out of necessity. I would much rather stay up late and sleep in late. But at the same time I've never regretted when I've gotten out of bed early to get things done. And the quiet times of the morning can be a peaceful time, especially when you spend time in the morning to get alone with God.

One of my favorite songs from the Perrys' project Through the Night is "I Got a Hold of God This Morning." The song is simply about getting up and spending time with Him. We can get a hold of Him any time of day, but there is something special about making that your first priority.

I'll confess it's easy for me to hit the alarm snooze button an extra time and then scramble around to get ready on time. But the day always seems to go much better when I spend time with God is my first thing in the morning. I've issued the challenge to myself to talk with God in the morning, making sure He is priority in my day.

Whether we're feeling alone, dejected, melancholy or even extra blessed, time with God is a necessity for the time. I know it can be a challenge when sleep is hard to come by and other things are demanding your time. Satan can try to block your way and attack. The attack is much easier to succumb to when we are not spending time with Him. And the song is a reminder He's there, we can talk directly to Him. We can approach Him and walk away with a peace and completely different mindset after hearing from Him.

If we can start our day in prayer and in the Word, we are sure to be more prepared for the day.

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