Thursday, March 28, 2013

When Lyrics Speak - Easter

Easter is just as special of a time as Christmas to Christians. Without Jesus' death on the cross and the resurrection, we would not be able to have the promise of hope in Christ and eternal life with Him. There are two distinct Easter themed songs, songs about the cross and songs about the resurrection.

I love hearing and singing these themed songs to remind me of the sacrifice that was made and the omnipotence of God. For this "When Lyrics Speak," I thought I would just share two songs, one about the cross and one about the resurrection that have really ministered to me lately.

"He Didn't Just Carry the Cross, He Carried Me"

I love this song from the Hoppers' latest CD. It's a great reminder
that Jesus didn't simply carry the cross, he carried the sins of the world on his shoulder. He did it all for me, His love for me, knowing how many times I would fail Him and how much grace and mercy I would need on a daily basis. He went through the death of the worst offending criminal to bridge the gap of eternity for me!

He knew everything that it would cost, but considered it worth everything that He had to suffer. What a powerful and undeserving thought! He didn't just count the cost, but He counted me!

"He's Alive"

I love story songs. And this one does a beautiful job of telling the
story from the perspective of the people who were closest to Christ, what they might have been thinking and going through after His death. It's interesting to think about all the emotions they might have been going through in the days between his death and the resurrection.
No doubt, they must have experienced the doubts, confusion and guilty feelings. However, all of those melted after seeing Jesus again.

It's a great song of celebration and victory! He's alive, and I'm forgiven!

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