Monday, March 11, 2013

Missing Group Members

I know it's rare in Southern Gospel for all members of a group not to be there. Many of them persevere on even through sickness. But when they do have to miss for an illness or family emergency and you know ahead of time, does it affect where or not you go?

I know there has been talk of promoters not booking the Perrys because of Tracy and Libbi's absence. This is meant as a general question and not specific to their situation.

I've seen several groups when not all members where there, most recently TaRanda Greene filling in for Kim Hopper. It always makes it interesting to me to see the dynamics of a group when someone is absent. So what about you? Are you less likely to go see a group if you know someone from the group won't be there? Interested to know your thoughts!


  1. Thinking about this one and many times I have attended a concert to find out that one of the members is not there. I still enjoy hearing the ones who are still there.
    Another way I thought of this is personell changes we are aware of and that first time you hear/see a favorite group without that favorite singer you liked so much. I'm always anxious to see how they will sound without that voice I have come to know and love. Thru the years I believe that if you come expecting to receive a blessing you will!! God speaks to us thru the lyrics being sung!

  2. Well said, Bobbie! Completely agree!


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