Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Singer & The Song - Pat Barker - CD Review

When I was at Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic this year, it was the first time I got the opportunity to hear Pat Barker as a soloist and pick up his new solo CD, The Singer & the Song.

That night, of course, we got to hear a few of the songs. My favorite that night and on the project is "I Can See (Emmaus Road)." He talked about how he had loved the song for a long time, but it wasn't the right time for him to sing it until it became personal to him. You can feel that through the song.

A close second favorite is "God's Amazing Grace." This is another favorite from the project! It's a great song from Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck.

"You Might Forget the Singer" has more of the country feel to it speaking to how a song's message can have a lasting impact on listeners. Fans might recognize this Gaither song. "Ain't God Good" follows that same style, more Southern Gospel feel than some of the other songs. Fans of gospel music will probably recognize this song that has been cut by Gold City and a handful of other groups. Pat's version is not to be missed. This is also his current single. You'll get to hear him handle several different parts on this song. "It's a Miracle" and "Just Yesterday" are two others that will get your toe tapping.

"Hitting the Road" is another more personal song that really talks about the sacrifice that Christian singers make by going on the road ministering.

Pat gets some help from the Guardians on "Think on the Good Things." It's another older Gaither song. It's good to hear the quartet on this project.

I can't say enough about the song selection. You'll get to hear several different styles from Pat on this project showing what a versatile singer he is. You can definitely tell he's had classical training but also can fit that "gospel style." He can also sing "Heaven Is Real" that has more of a 40s crooner feel to it. I love the variety he brings to a solo project. And, also I like how he picked a few older songs that newer fans might not know or that people might need to be reminded of.

Make sure that you pick up a copy of Pat's solo CD! You can order online or get one from him next time you see him.

Song List -
1. "You Might Forget the Singer"
2. "Ain't God Good"
3. "God's Amazing Grace"
4. "It's a Miracle"
5. "I Can See (Emmaus Road)"
6. "Just Yesterday"
7. "More Reasons Than Words"
8. "Anytime"
9. "Heaven Is Real"
10. "Hitting the Road"
11. "Think on the Good Things"

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