Monday, January 9, 2017

Candid - Miles Pike - CD Review

I first heard of Miles Pike a few years ago when I reviewed his project Timeless Truth. This later project Candid takes a different turn from that project. The title really says it all, the lyrics of each songs speaks candidly to Christians. Sometimes it takes a more humorous approach. Sometimes it's pretty straightforward.

The project starts with "Hard" that talks about how hard it can be to live the Christian life and be like Jesus. The song really has a country flair. It's honest and something we can all related to. We all struggle with turning the other cheek when we've been wronged and being consistent in prayer like we should.

"Don't Unpack Your Bags" is a great story song. It unfortunately paints the picture of a lot of churches today where they don't really want to hear the church but only messages that will make them feel good.

Miles borrows a Ray Stevens song with "Would Jesus Wear a Rolex." Make sure you give his version a listen! "Live Your Life So the Preach Won't Have to Lie at Your Funeral" is of that same vein.

Yes, Miles can pull off those funny, novelty type songs, but don't miss what a great vocalist he is. He gives a great performance on the more tender, truthful "Man Against Man" and the great ballad "Hard to Get." And then skip over to hear his low bass range on "Modern Man." And then when you think he can't get better, you can really his range covering all four parts on the quartet song "Talk About the Good Times."

"You Love the World" hits Christians hard. This uptempo, catchy song shoots straight with believers. How many times do we catch ourselves loving the world and putting things of the world over things of Christ? Don't we choose the light of the TV often over picking up His Word? Ouch.

If you're looking for something that's not your typical Southern Gospel album with great singing and full of truth, pick up a copy of Miles Pike's Candid today.

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