Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday at Silver Dollar City - Southern Gospel Picnic 2016

While I was out of my normal Sunday routine of being at church, we definitely experienced church today at Silver Dollar City. We had worship mixed in with a little bit of honking and Elvis impersonating. Here's a run down on my day - 

Sunday Drive

The first show of the day was Sunday Drive. I got the chance to see them last year and then just reviewed their latest project, Special Edition, so I was anxious to see them again in person. They sang a few songs from that project including "A Good Song," "Don't Forget My Senior Discount" and "If There's a Rocking Chair in Heaven." I didn't realize when I was reviewing the project that the song actually features Jeff's mom singing the second verse. This song went to #21 in the country in 1986 for Jeff's family's groups, so they brought it back and still featured his mom's voice on it.

They sang probably their most well-known song, "Happy, Happy, Happy." Great song!

In addition to the Senior Citizen discount song, which had the audience erupt in laughter, Jeff also sang his comedy song "Honk if You Love Jesus," which was another one that had the audience in stitches. 

The Talleys

From Sunday Drive, I made my way to see the Talleys this afternoon who were singing in the Red Gold Heritage Hall. They opened their first set with "After All This Time" from their most recent project by the same name. Love this song, and it's a great opener! The other new but old song they sang from that project was "Namaan." 

Debra talked about the recent death of her father and how they saw the faithfulness of God. She asked Lauren to come forward to sing "Great Is Thy Faithfulness." I love their arrangement of this song!

Lauren also sang "Hidden Heroes" and then they ended the first set with "He's Alive." This is always such a powerful moment that has the audience on its feet!

Jeff Stice

Pianst Jeff Stice started the night in Echo Hollow. One of my favorites that he played was "Through It All." He paid tribute to all the military branches with a medley of all their songs. He had veterans of each branch stand as their song was played. 

He talked a little bit about how he got started and some of those who influenced him which included some impressions of Elvis, Ray Charles and Floyd Kramer. He ended his part with the "Hallelujah Chorus.

Brian Free & Assurance

Brian Free & Assurance closed the day down in Echo Hollow. They opened with "I Keep Looking Up." They kept the crowd going with a lot of their uptempo songs like "You Can Be the Difference," "Anything Is Possible" and "Tell It Like It Was."

The group featured also several songs from Live Like We're Redeemed. They sang "You Could Be the Difference" and "He Will Carry You," love this song! They also sang "Forever Home." This is a beautiful song about the promise of Heaven. Brian talked about losing his parents, and Bill his brother and Mike his grandfather. After intermission, they sang "That's Just What Grace Does," which is one of my favorites from that CD!

Bill requested that Brian show off his tenor skills, so Brian sang "Glory Road." I don't know how he gets as high as he does, but I'm so impressed every time!

Another highlight of the night was "Say Amen." It's always so moving to hear them sing this live with the audience echoing "Amen" during the song. 

Of course, it wouldn't be the same without "Long As I Got King Jesus." They sang this before the break and to end the night!

Day four is complete, ready for day five!


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  2. It was a our privilege to meet you Lauren, thank you so much for reviewing Sunday Drive's new CD.


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