Monday, August 22, 2016

Special Edition - Sunday Drive - CD Review

Sunday Drive (formerly known as the Jeff Treece Band) released Special Edition in July. This is the
group's fourth release as Sunday Drive. The group consists of Jeff, Misty and Dusty Treece. I first saw this group last year at Silver Dollar City, but I wasn't that familiar with their music. Special Edition reminded me of what I first heard from them last year.

Sunday Drive - Special Edition
The project kicks off with "A Good Song," which is a good way to start any project. :) The song features Misty, who is featured on most of the songs on the album. It's a nice mid-tempo song that has catchy lyrics.

"I Thank You" has a country feel to it. The song has part of the chorus of the Nelons' classic "Thanks" in it.

Misty also has the feature on "If There's a Rocking Chair in Heaven." The song starts with some simple acoustic guitar and then adds more instruments, but still keeps a fairly simple instrumentation. The song is a sweet song about loss and grief.

Jeff Treece includes the novelty song, "Don't Forget My Senior Discount." He wrote this song and actually most of the songs on the project!

"I Was on Your Mind" is one of my favorite Misty features. This tender ballad reminds us that a powerful God created each of us and made us in His image. He holds the universe, yet still knows us individually.

A banjo kicks off "Just Believe." It's another country-flavored uptempo song featuring Misty. The message of this song is always relevant - just believe. No matter what, keep trusting and believe in Him.

The project ends with "11:59," which features Jeff. It's a timely song about the return of Christ. It's a song that really makes you stop and think. Dr. Charles Stanley is actually featured on the recitation during the song.

Sunday Drive might not be a group you're familiar with, but if you're looking for a new group in Southern Gospel, check them out!

Song List -
1. "A Good Song"
2. "I Thank You"
3. "If There's a Rocking Chair in Heaven"
4. "Don't Forget My Senior Discount"
5. "I'll Stand for You"
6. "I Was on Your Mind"
7. "Just Believe"
8. "I Got Saved"
9. "11:59"

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