Thursday, May 19, 2016

Signature Songs - Sheri Easter

For some artists and groups, there is a song that comes along, and it just becomes their song. There's not a concert that goes by without this song. For other artists, that "signature song" may not be as clearly defined. There are a number of songs that are requested night after night that resonate with an audience.

So here's the start of a new series - We'll look at some of the most requested songs for certain artists and vote for one that you consider "their" song.

I'm starting with Sheri Easter. Sheri is known for her ability to communicate a tender ballad. Over the years, she's built a strong repertoire of songs, and some of her most recent ones are becoming just as requested from fans. So here are what I consider to be her songs, which one do you think is Sheri's signature song? (If you think I've left out one, comment below and I'll add it!)

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