Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Avoiding the Snow with the Hoppers - Concert Recap

When the snow hit Central Arkansas Friday afternoon, I was headed south to El Dorado to see the Hoppers. The family was at Immanuel Baptist Church Friday night, and for those of us looking to escape the weather and brave the cold, it was a great place to be!

The Hoppers were great as always. I saw the Hoppers in August in Branson, but there were a couple of differences. It was my first time to see Dean and Kim's daughter sing with them in person. It's neat to see her take more of a role on stage. I also think it's classy how Connie will step back and allow her granddaughter a chance to sing. Also, since Josh Simpson left, Gary Prim, Nashville producer, was traveling with them to play keyboard for them.

Here's a lineup of what they sang -

  • "Going Home" - Dean had the solo on this one. It was interesting to see them start with a slower song, and I thought it was funny that Claude was a little late to the stage. :)
  • "Yahweh" 
  • "I Am Whatever You Need"
  • "I'll Take You Home" - They brought Karlye up to sing on this one with them. She was featured on the verse. She has a great voice! You can definitely hear Kim's influence in her voice. 
  • "I'll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus"
  • "I'd Rather Have Jesus" - Kim sang this hymn. It was a beautiful moment with no track, only the keyboard and her voice with the group joining her on the chorus. It made me love Kim's voice even more!
  • "I've Come to Far to Look Back" - Connie's signature song. She let Kim start it up again, and Karlye and Dean joined her. Always love this song and to hear the several repeats of the chorus it gets!
  • "Yes, I Am"
  • "Jerusalem" - One of my personal favorites. They showed a video of past recorded performances of the song on the screen above them. It was funny to see how they had the same movement and motions as on the screen.
  • "The Ride" - This was the first song they sang after intermission. Claude was talking and telling stories. Apparently someone thought he was going a little long, because the video started with Ronnie Hinson for this song. Ronnie sang part of the song on the video. 
  • "My Only Option" - I don't remember hearing this song staged much in their concerts! Love hearing Dean on this song!
  • "If I Could Help Somebody" - It wouldn't be a Hoppers concert without hearing Claude sing this one!
  • "Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone" - Claude asked Lexi, Dean and Kim's youngest daughter, to come up and play her ukulele on this song while the family sang along with her. They said she's only been playing since January, but already knew how to play this song!
  • "Shoutin' Time" - Great way to end the night!!
Despite the winter weather outside, we were able to stay warm and enjoy a great night of gospel music with the Hoppers for a couple of hours. And it helped us avoid the snow at least for a little while!

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