Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top Moment #3 of 2013 - Libbi Perry Stuffle Standing Ovation

This is the last moment of the year from National Quartet Convention, and it's one that I'm sure not many people will forget. On the final night of NQC after the Perrys set, one of the longest standing ovations I've ever seen occurred in honor of Tracy and Libbi Stuffle.

Dean Hopper came up to the stage after the Perrys' set on Saturday night to say how much he appreciated Libbi's efforts to be there that week. The audience started clapping as Dean started talking, and before he could get out more than a few sentences, the applause took over. As evidenced from the webcast, it was several minutes of a standing ovation for the Stuffle family. At one point, Dean asked, "Are you through?" and more clapping started. She was able to FaceTime with Tracy and show him how much love the people were showing them. When the audience saw that Tracy was being FaceTimed it just kept going. The love, prayers and support for the Stuffle family evidenced in that moment definitely makes it a top moment of the year!!

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