Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celebrating Christmas with Brian Free & Assurance - Concert Recap

Brian Free and Assurance came to Vilonia, Ark. last week for one of their last concerts of the year. I love
seeing groups around this time of year and hearing them sing Christmas song. The first half was full of Brian Free and Assurance favorites, but the second half was mostly Christmas music which I loved!

They started the night with "What a Beautiful Day" and then sang "If the Lord Says Do It." After that, they sang "Revival" another song from their latest project. It was good to hear Mike Rogers on this song. Still being relatively new to them, he's really sounding great with the group. This was only my second time to see them with Mike as baritone. 

Next, Jeremy was featured on "Have a Little Talk With Jesus." Jeremy was featured on several songs during the evening, more than you usually hear from him it seemed like, which was a good thing. 

They sang "I Will Be Praying" next, which is one of my favorites from Nothing But Love. Bill did an incredible job on this song. Brian talked about how so many times we don't tap into the resource God has given us by praying. He mentioned that when people come to them at concerts and ask them to pray for specific things how many times they will pray with them right then. I thought that was really unique and spoke to the character of the guys.

Next, they sang "I Want to Be That Man," another personal favorite. Brian talked about his dad and how he watched him and it was through his actions not only his words that he set a great example to follow. He asked the men in the audience what kind of legacy they would leave and said that the song was really a challenge to husbands and fathers.

Bill then sang "Anything Is Possible." Brian then sang the classic "O What a Savior," and he absolutely nailed it! They closed the first part of the concert with "Jesus Will Pick You Up."

The second half was mostly Christmas with "Strange Way to Save the World," "White Christmas," "Christmas Shoes" and "Do You Hear What I Hear." With all the snow and ice in Arkansas the week before, Brian teased about a protest before they starting singing "White Christmas." There wasn't a protest but I think I can speak for a lot of Arkansans when I say we're not looking forward to winter weather again anytime soon, or at least not as bad to trap us inside for days! Brian was incredible on "Christmas Shoes!!"

To close the service, Brian gave a little bit of his testimony how he was raised in a Christian home, but he got caught up in living the life that salvation was left out. He realized that he was as lost as someone who had never heard about Jesus. He said that his prayer was if he ever forgot the magnitude of salvation that he would be reminded. Then they sang "Remind Me of the Cross." I don't think I had ever heard them sing this live. Incredible song that features Jeremy!!

Then, they closed with the ever popular "Long as I Got King Jesus." It was a great night not only of worship, but also helped us even more in the Christmas spirit! "White Christmas" and all! 

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