Thursday, December 12, 2013

#7 Top Moment of 2013 - Melissa Brady and "All Is Well"

The #7 top moment of 2013 is another moment from NQC. At the Song of  Lifetime showcase, songwriters share the stories behind their songs. During this year's showcase, Melissa Brady shared about her song, "All Is Well" recorded by the Whisnants.

Melissa told about her grandfather being diagnosed with lung cancer and passing away when she was 16. Her mom at only age 40 had a massive stroke leaving her disabled. She lost her other grandparents and started to understand the love of God and what it means to say "all is well" when the storms come. After the Whisnants agreed to record the song, both of her parents were diagnosed with cancer. She went to be with her family, and while she was with her family Susan Whisnant sent her a prerelease of the CD. Melissa shared that her song came back full circle to her during that time. The words she wrote to encourage others provided encouragement to her. Then, the Whisnants came to sing the song and Melissa joined them at the end.

It was a beautiful heartfelt moment from Melissa and the Whisnants. It showed the impact a song can have even on its writer. They also sang and told a little bit about it on mainstage one night, but I loved this moment from the showcase.

Diana Brantley posted a clip from the afternoon -

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