Thursday, October 11, 2012

When Lyrics Speak - If I Can Help Somebody

Arkansas had a tough loss this week. On Sunday I got a text message from a friend telling me that a local news anchor had been killed in a car accident the night before. It came as quite a shock. For me, it was not only that a TV news personality had died, but that a college friend had lost her husband. After an initial shock of this can't be happening, my heart just ached for her. He was only 32, and their baby girl is not even a year old yet.

This week has been full of the news reporting on his life and memorializing him. So many songs have come to my mind for this situation. But one thing that kept being reiterated yesterday at his service was the impact that he had on so many people. Most people only knew him through their television screens, but his reach was apparent. And his faith was evident.

Death is hard no matter the age. But whether we have 82 or 32 years on this earth, what are we doing to help people? Are we reaching out to those around us? Most of us don't have the widespread effect of being on television, but we have so many people that we come in contact with every day. We don't even realize the effect we may be having on some people. It really made me stop and evaluate how I can make more of a difference for His Kingdom with my time. God reminded me that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

I thought about this classic Claude Hopper song, "If I Can Help Somebody." If we can help somebody, then our living will not be in vain. It's not about having a massive reach, though if you're in a role to do so, that's great. It's about reaching out and helping those around us. It's about trying to make a difference by investing in the lives of your loved ones, neighbors, coworkers and church family.

"If I can spread love's message, as the Master taught,
Then my living shall not be in vain."

Remember we are not guaranteed tomorrow. What are we doing today to help people, to show the love of Christ and to make a difference?

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