Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Most Requested Live CD Review - Greater Vision

Greater Vision's latest project Our Most Requested Live is full of fan favorite songs. Greater Vision fans will be well acquainted with each song on the project. The CD was recorded in Morristown, Tenn. and Temple, Texas.

While most of the songs have been previously recorded, it's the first time they've been recorded with the lineup of Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin and Chris Allman. The blend of this lineup of Greater Vision is just incredible, so it's great to hear all these Greater Vision favorites with these three.

The only song that was not previously recorded is "Hallelujah Square" which features Chris. It's a song that was done by the request of Tony Greene not long after Chris started back with the group. And I think it's been a popular request since then. It's definitely a vocal highlight of the project.

Other highlights for me are "He'll Carry Me" and "Til the Storm Passes By." And of course, there are the always favorites, "He's Still Been God" and "My Name is Lazarus." Those two never get old for me.

Since it's their most requested songs, fan will definitely find their favorites on the project. I didn't find myself skipping through songs like you do on a lot of CDs.

Unlike other live projects, there's no talking between songs, no setting up the songs or story telling. I'll be honest it's one thing that I missed. I enjoy all of that when seeing and hearing groups live, and I was hoping to get a taste of that on this project.

However, the number of strong performances make this a must-purchase for southern gospel fans. Greater Vision fans will definitely not be disappointed!

Track List:
1. Introduction by Dr. Charles Stanley
2. "I Could Never Praise Him Enough"
3. "He'd Still Been God"
4. "Common Garments"
5. "With All the Many Miracles"
6. "He'll Carry Me"
7. "He's Still Waiting by the Well"
8. "Faces"
9. "Just One More Soul"
10. "A Pile of Crowns"
11. "Hallelujah Square"
12. "Til the Storm Passes By"
13. "My Name is Lazarus"

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