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Through the Night - The Perrys - CD Review

The Perrys' latest album, Through the Night, was one of the most anticipated releases for me this year. It's unusual to be familiar with the album's songs before you have a copy in hand, but this was the case for me. I think that's why I couldn't wait to get it! I heard many of the songs before I got the CD either in person at a concert or via the NQC webcast. In any case, I was not disappointed in the least when I got my actual physical copy!

This is the second project the Perrys have recorded with the lineup of Tracy Stuffle (bass), Libbi Perry Stuffle (alto), Joseph Habedank (lead) and Bryan Walker (baritone).

Here's a breakdown of the songs:

"I Got a Hold of God This Morning" - This up-tempo Kyla Rowland song gets the album off to a great start. Stylistically it reminds me of "This Old Sinner Testifies." This song was chosen as the first single from the project. 

"Whosoever Will" - This song features Joseph and was also written by him, Joel Lindsey and Wayne Haun. Joseph does an amazing job on this story-song ballad. I think the song really hits its stride at the bridge with Bryan adding to Joseph's strong lead vocals, and then all group members coming in strong on the last chorus. It brings a lot of power to end the song on. 

"Everywhere I Go" - This will be a familiar song to many gospel fans. Tracy gets the feature with this song, and knocks it out of the park. Even though it's a song that's been done a lot, the Perrys' version is one not to be misssed.

"Through the Night" - Libbi takes the solo on the title cut of the project. She shows why she's been voted the fan favorite alto with her performance on this song. It is a Perrys' song all the way that was penned by Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey. It's such a great song lyrically about praising God through the hardest of times.

"He is Good to Me" - This song is not your typical Perrys' song, but I think it's a great fit with the album. This Joseph Habedank and Wayne Haun song is a fun up-tempo number that gives the project more variety in song styles.

"Too Good to Not Be True" - Bryan shines on this song written by Joseph and Adina Bowman (his mother-in-law). Lyrically this is my favorite song on the project! The song tells the story of the woman at the well from John 4, and talks about how God and His love for us is too good to not be true. Such a powerful song!

"The Blood and its Power" - Libbi gets the feature on this song that focuses on the cross, Jesus' shed blood for us. The song was written by Kyla Rowland and Chris Binion.

"One of These Mornings" - This is another great uptempo song that Bryan gets the feature on. It's definitely one of my favorites from the project. I can see it being another great choice for a single, and it's another great one to see them sing live.

"Unspoken Request" - This is not to be confused with the McKameys' song of the same title. I absolutely love the concept of this song. I think so many of us can relate to having been someone's "unspoken request" at one time in our lives. Joseph and Libbi are both featured on this song.

"When He Spoke" - I'll confess I was not familiar with this song. The Perrys recorded it during the Mike Bowling/ Nicole Watts years, and decided to rerecord it hoping to give the song the attention it deserved. I have since looked up the original version, don't worry! :) The first version was great, but I'm so glad that they made the decision to recut the song for this project. Not only did it give newer Perrys fans the chance to hear the song for the first time, but it is such a great song and does deserve another go at the spotlight. Joseph takes the first verse, and Bryan and Libbi bring it home on the second verse. It is a great power ballad, and one of my favorite songs from the project!

Joseph Habedank has shown not only how strong of a lead vocalist he is on this project but also songwriter with three cuts on the album. Joel Lindsey was a writer on four of the songs. Kyla Rowland, Wayne Haun and Jeffrey Bumgardner each had two.

The Perrys have really put out some top-notch albums recently with their last several projects being so strong. I think this album is no exception and only adds to their exceptional line of projects. For me, I think they surpassed Blue Skies, their previous album, with Through the Night. The song selection is incredibly strong, so that I find myself listening to the CD from start to finish which doesn't happen often. I think it's definitely one of the best projects that has been released this year. It's a must buy!

Song List -

1. "I Got a Hold of God This Morning"***
2. "Whosoever Will"
3. "Everywhere I Go"
4. "Through the Night"
5. "He is Good to Me"***
6. "Too Good to Not Be True"***
7. "The Blood and its Power"
8. "One of These Mornings"***
9. "Unspoken Request"***
10. "When He Spoke"***

***- Personal favorites

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