Thursday, June 8, 2017

No Excuses, No Regrets - Steve Ladd - CD Review

Steve Ladd's solo project No Excuses, No Regrets releases tomorrow. Of course, gospel music fans will remember Steve from his days with Gold City and the Anchormen. He was also announced earlier this year as the new tenor for The Old Paths quartet. This is his first album with Crossroads Sonlite Records. It's his first solo album in a few years.

The EP of six songs starts with "All Things Are Possible God." This country-flavored uptempo song is a great opener. It's a great reminder of the many attributes of God.

"Chain Breaker" is the Zach Williams song that has also been recently recorded by Triumphant Quartet. This song is getting a lot of play, but don't miss Steve's version!

The highlight of the recording for me is "What You've Already Done." The song really shows off the tender side of Steve's voice. The only accompaniment is the piano to really showcase Steve's voice. The song talks about remembering God's faithfulness in our past while we are in a waiting period.

The title track "No Excuses, No Regrets" brings the tempo back up with a great statement of faith song with a message of stepping out and living fully for Christ.

Steve lets his soulful side show with the familiar "Since I Laid My Burden Down." He gets some nice background vocal help on this song that really adds to the old time gospel feel. I liked the pause toward the end for it only to kick off again at a faster tempo, and then it has the big finish. Traditional gospel fans will love this track!

The project ends with the worshipful song "Living Water." It's a great powerful song that invites Christ to come fill our lives. He really show off his upper range and the power behind his voice.

The six-song EP will only leave fans wanting more! I love all the different styles he included in just six songs. It really shows the variety that he's able to sing. This is definitely a project that you'll want to buy this year!

Songs to Turn Up - "All Things Are Possible God" and "Since I Laid My Burden Down"
Song to Put on Repeat - "What You've Already Done"
Song That Will Take You to Church - "Living Water"

Song List -
1. "All Things Are Possible God"
2. "Chain Breaker"
3. "What You've Already Done"
4. "No Excuses, No Regrets"
5. "Since I Laid My Burden Down"
6. "Living Water"

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