Monday, June 5, 2017

It Is Time - Barry Rowland & Deliverance - CD Review

Barry Rowland & Deliverance's It Is Time was released in April of this year. This is the first album with Matthew Burgess as the group's lead vocalist. The group consistently produces the same quality gospel sound that you've come to love from them. And with the resident family writer, Kyla Rowland, penning seven of the 10 songs, you know the project will be full of strong material.

With this project you'll find some familiar songs like "Redemption Draweth Night" and "There Rose a Lamb." "How Long" is another song that's been previously recorded by groups like the Speer Family, Perrys and the Kingsmen. "Redemption Draweth Nigh" is a little bit different arrangement that what you're used to hearing.

Tammy is featured on "He Can't Follow Me Home," "Help Me Make It" and "God Will Take Care of It All." The first has a country, bluegrass feel, while the latter two are ballads. "Help Me Make It" is a song that you need to put on after a rough day as a reminder of God's strength during trials. "God Will Take Care of It All" is one of those songs that really encourages believers.

You really get to hear from Matthew on the opening track "Delivered Again." You get to hear a soulful side of his voice. He does a really nice job on the classic "There Rose a Lamb." This is probably my favorite feature of his.

"Hold Your Ground" tells the story of the Israelites conquering Jericho and then again Elijah praying fire down from Heaven. This song features Matthew on the verses, but also shows off the group blend on the verses nicely.

"The Ark" is a nice uptempo song that will have your toe tapping along. I can see this song going over really well in a live setting.

If you are a fan of pure, straight Southern Gospel music, you'll want to check out this latest release from Barry Rowland & Deliverance.

Songs to turn up - "The Ark"
Songs to put on repeat - "God Will Take Care of It All"
Songs to give a second listen - "Hold Your Ground"

Song List -

  1. "Delivered Again"
  2. "He Can't Follow Me Home"
  3. "Hold Your Ground"
  4. "The Ark"
  5. "God Will Take Care of It All"
  6. "It Is Time"
  7. "Redemption Draweth Nigh"
  8. "How Long"
  9. "Help Me Make It"
  10. "There Rose a Lamb"

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