Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Beginning - Bowling Sisters - CD Review

For anyone who is concerned about the future of gospel music, go get The Beginning from the
Bowling Sisters. With Mike and Kelly Bowling as their parents and talented aunts and uncles, these girls were raised singing gospel music. It's in their genes, but you can tell these girls have a passion and calling on their own lives.

The Bowling Sisters are Hope (17), Katelanne (13) and Gracie (10). This isn't one of those CDs that's just good for a group of young singers. It's just good. As you listen, you quickly forget how young they are.

The project kicks off with "So Smile." It's a fun song to remind us all that we have something to smile about and life's trials are temporary.

I'm so glad they chose to include "He Sees What We Don't" (previously recorded by 11th Hour and written by Amber Eppinette and Joseph Habedank). This song is a stand out solo by Hope. I've always been a fan of this song and love Hope's take on it. At only 17, she shows that she knows her way around a song and how to feel every word of what she's singing.

"Higher Ground" is definitely more contemporary sounding with a great guitar intro. "You Brought the Sunshine" is another progressive song that will really go over well with young audiences. I'm sure another one that younger audiences will know is the worship song "Forever."

Gracie at only 10 delivers some of the most mature lyrics of the project with "Fragile Heart," and she makes you believe every word of what she's singing like she's been there. Incredible song with a great message that shows you how she can already communicate a lyric.

Katelanne takes on a Mandisa song with "Stronger" showing the different style songs she can tackle. She also takes on "I Love the Lord" with a more soulful feel. This girl is a singer. Just listening you would never guess she's only 13.

"He'll Do It Again" is a tribute to the Crabb Family. The group sang this on its first talent competition and if you can believe it didn't receive any awards that night. I like this tribute to their heritage. And Hope knocks this one out of the park!

Their arrangement of "At the Cross" is probably my favorite track. You cannot beat the harmonies on this beloved hymn.

These girls have an incredible bright future ahead of them. This is an album that they will look back on in 10 years and can be extremely proud of. This is definitely a "must-buy" of 2017. With groups like the Bowling Sisters, the future of gospel music is in good hands. They already have the passion and the calling, and the talent is evident. The good news is this is only The Beginning. 

Songs to Turn Up - "So Smile," "Higher Ground," "Stronger"
Songs to Put on Repeat - "At the Cross," "He Sees What We Don't"
Songs to Give a Second Listen - "He'll Do It Again," "That's What He'll Be"

Song List -
1. "So Smile"
2. "He Sees What We Don't"
3. "Higher Ground"
4. "You Brought the Sunshine"
5. "He'll Do It Again"
6. "Fragile Heart"
7. "Stronger"
8. "I Love the Lord"
9. "Forever"
10. "Nothing's Too Big for My God"
11. "At the Cross"
12. "That's What He'll Be"

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