Monday, June 1, 2015

As We Speak - Greater Vision - CD Review

Greater Vision has to be one of the most consistent groups in Southern Gospel. This awarded trio has only had a handful of personnel changes in its 25 years. When you pick up a Greater Vision project, you know what kind of sound to expect. This album is another example of the kind of quality music we have come to expect and love from this group.

This album also has the distinction of being one of the last ones that Lari Goss orchestrated. His touch is definitely evident throughout the project.

As We Speak starts with one of six Rodney Griffin-penned songs "Put Out the Fire." This toe-tapper definitely is a great way to start the project. It's also the first single of the album. "Toes in the Water" is another uptempo song that challenges believers to do more than just wade in the Christian life. It questions us about how committed we are to the Kingdom.

One of my favorite songs on the projects is "Saved By the Same Grace." This song is a co-write between Chris Allman and Rodney. I tried to find another co-write with these two and was unsuccessful. Someone smarter than me, tell me if this is a first! Regardless, I love it. I'm a fan of story songs. I love the perspective speaking to Christians and how we judge sins and put them in categories of "big" and "small," but we are all saved by the same grace. Chris gets the feature on the verses, and does an incredible job.

Chris is also featured on another toe-tapper "Never Will I Ever Again." This song is one not written by Chris or Rodney but Regina Walden who is a fairly new name to me. It definitely has a country flair to it.

"As We Speak" is another one that is a must listen. Gerald takes the verses on this one and conveys its lyrics so well. I listened to the song, and then I hit repeat. And then I hit repeat again. The song has an incredible convicting message of our relationship with the Father. I love the build up of the song, and the orchestration behind it. You can definitely tell Lari Goss's touch on the song. Do not miss the title cut of this project!!

"I Do Know" is another Rodney Griffin song that also features him. While Rodney is featured on six of the 10 songs, this is my favorite song that Rodney sings on this project. He knocks it out of the park. The album does contain one cover which is "Let the Blood of Calvary Speak for Me." I was not very familiar with this song. This is a close second for me of the songs that Rodney is featured on!

Chris is featured on "He Does" which he also wrote. I love this simple arrangement that really showcases his vocal abilities. The song has such a comforting lyric of Christ's love and his desire for a relationship with us.

Lyrically, this project has some of the strongest songs I remember hearing in recent years. Greater Vision not only has some of the greatest writers within their own group, but also included some songs from veteran writers like Phil Cross and Joel Hemphill.

Greater Vision's last project For All He's Done was one of the trio's strongest releases in my opinion. This project is right there with it. It's definitely one that you don't want to miss!

Song List -
1. "Put Out the Fire"
2. "We Can't Tell It All"
3. "Toes in the Water"
4. "He Does"
5. "In the Sandals of Daniel"
6. "Let the Blood of Calvary Speak for Me"
7. "Never Will I Ever Again"
8. "I Do Know"
9. "Saved By the Same Grace"
10. "As We Speak"


  1. Greater Vision does not seem to abide by the "One CD per year" philosophy that many groups seem to have adopted in recent history. The fact that they don't limit themselves to choosing whatever is best at a certain time and take the time to choose the best songs, arrangements, etc. speaks to the care they put into their releases and the quality of the chosen melodies.

    1. I completely agree! You can tell when groups take their time and don't feel that pressure to put out a new project constantly there's a better result.

  2. Regina Walden wrote the Kingsmen's recent #1 "Oh, Yes I Am". Looking forward to hearing this cd. I enjoy Rodney's and Chris's songs, but I also think it is good for an artist to look outside the group for material.

    1. Oh that's cool! It's a great CD, definitely check it out!


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