Thursday, July 17, 2014

When Lyrics Speak - The Little Things

I can sometimes be too much of a big picture person. I'm so focused on the major things in my life that I want God to fix or show me the next step that I can miss the small things. I miss those little moments in life that serve as reminders that God has not forgotten me.

When I moved to my current city several years ago, I knew almost no one, at least no one my age. I had no friends. I prayed that God would help me during that period of loneliness and trying to get settled in in a new place.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago - I spent the afternoon at the pool laughing and talking to three close friends. There was nothing special about that Monday afternoon. We all randomly decided after work to go to the pool and hang out there, nothing special but not something we had ever done before either. We laughed together, talked about laugh and maybe even played with a toy that some poor kid had left there. Again, nothing really all that special, but it was a little moment that I was reminded of God hearing my prayers when I first moved to the city and knew none of those girls.

I love the song "The Little Things." It is a song by Chosen Few, a quartet that was the in-house gospel group for Silver Dollar City for many years then they toured for a while. Take a listen -

So many times we are waiting on those huge Red Sea parting moments. We miss the simple moments in life, a text from a loved one just checking in, a green light when you are running late, sun after the rain or just an afternoon at the pool with friends. Every day I receive His grace, and forget to stop and thank Him for all those little things.

The little things are what make up life. They are what get you through the day some times when circumstances seem bleak. They serve as a reminder from God that He is with us. He's in every detail of life. May we never stop and forget to appreciate the little things in life.

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